Reason as the Leading Motive

Onkar Ghate in The New Statesman

Posted by Jerry on September 19, 2007

Dr. Onkar Ghate’s articles in the New Statesman are a must-read. If there’s anything you do today, reading these two very brief articles is a must!

The Selfish Life

Objectivism: A Philosophy for Living?

As I understand, there are a couple more articles from Dr. Ghate to be published on the site in the future. Watch out for them, too!

[h/t: Noodlefood]

3 Responses to “Onkar Ghate in The New Statesman”

  1. satyajit said

    Check the contributors to the “Faith Column” along the right of the page–rabbis, Methodists, Jains, Sikhs–and there among all, you’ve an Objectivist. New Statesman impresses me.

    I like Dr. Ghate’s way of explaining concepts and constructs. I remember his explanation on freedom of choice in a previous post of yours. He uses phrases like “passionate logic” to drive his point home exactly as he wants.

  2. Ergo said

    Dr. Ghate’s final article has appeared in the New Stateman. It’s, again, a brilliant article! Superbly written with the freshest ideas! If you wondered why you hear so many people talking about having gone through an “Ayn Rand phase” or having “outgrown” the philosophy, then you must read Dr. Ghate’s article to get some clue as to the underlying reason. Check it out:


  3. mahendrap said

    I always admire writers like Dr. Ghate, who can lucidly write about Objectivism and help make it palatable to those not acquainted with it.

    The third and final article was especially pertinent and useful. Thanks for sharing, Ergo.

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