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Quotable Quotes

The following are quotes from my various posts on my blog. It originally used to be a part of another post. However, given the wonderful features of WordPress, I have decided to resurrect these quotes to its very own page. This is my way of expressing the sense of pride I have in the overall quality of my work:

“Once your ideological stance is antagonistic towards the very entities who are the source and standard of values, i.e., against human civilization which is the only reason this Earth is deemed valuable, then you have lost your case and your legitimate claim to values.” — From Anthropomorphic Earth 

“Society does not climb out of the jungle of primitivism and tribalism by the efforts of people like Mother Teresa.” — From In Defense of Superiority

“In what was truly man’s greatest act of conceit, he captured all the greatest notions of his God and manifested that in the body of one Human Being, which meant that the human body was idealized to withhold the essence of the fully Divine.”
— From My New Theory: God and Art

“You have the right to insist that Art be as nourishing to your mind as the food you eat is to your body.” — From A Vindication of Art Through a Work of Art

“…evidence of mal-nourished minds are also closely associated with mal-nourished cultures and societies. They have plenty of hissing snakes and meandering cows to worship, but very few thinking minds that have a vision to look up to.” — From A Vindication of Art Through a Work of Art

“The paradox of death is that it is at the same time an end as it is a beginning. It is an end to one’s self. But it is a beginning of everything about that person.” — From My Death

“…death will offer her the most silent and serene stillness of all… and in that, I am glad death will be the end.” — From My Death

“If your life is getting too easy for you, you ain’t really living at all!” — From Oct. 4th: Thought of the Day

“…only a true atheist can fully marvel at the miracle called “life” and the incredible job our lives have done with this world.” — From Sept. 19, 2005: Thought of the Day

“The very concept of “God” should render that Being to the intelligent, rational, and logical scrutiny of the Human mind. An IRRATIONAL God, an ILLOGICAL God, a NON-INTELLIGENT God cannot exist, by definition.” — From Hero Worship

“…it was in the perfect trade of unspoken words that they had discovered each other. When they met in person for the first time, the words they had exchanged became the faces they beheld.” — From Pasha et Jardin, Resurrected!

“I went on a search for God, and I found myself.” — From Seek and You Shall Find

“Silence… should be the barometer of effective communication.” — From Pasha, contd.

“Pasha despised people who used language not to communicate a genuine message but to escape from the responsibility of having to be genuine. For them, language was a like a filler that took up space, occupied their empty minds, and sheltered them from the reality of their discomfort; like a balloon filled with air but empty nonetheless.” — From Pasha, contd.

“Humans, he thought, lacked the simple honesty that these tall buildings portrayed. These tall structures of steel and concrete, of glass and stone stood in naked display of their ornamented pride and utilitarian purpose. There was no hiding of their conceit, nor was there any hint of shame in their function. Pasha wished he could be complete in that way. He wished all humans could atleast have a shred of that innocent pride and frank nakedness. But he was keenly aware of the fact that people hid behind more layers of ostentatious facades than the buildings they erected.” — From Pasha

“One day he offered to crystallize his love disguised as pain onto a flat disc.
… he spoke of the mountains and valleys, and streams and rivers, and cascades and lakes, jolted alive by the beats of his viscera — rhythmic, pulsating, modulated vocal stresses that named the emotions gone unspoken.He gave it to me. I held it for a few moments, contemplating all that this flat, round piece of plastic contained. I was distantly shocked at the brutality of such a manifestation: of seeing all that is so pure, and so benevolent, and so profound, being bound and burned on this disc.” — From Stolen Music

“What does love sound like? Like this, I thought: Like the sound of his heartbeat in your ear even when he’s not around. Like the whisper of his breath that you can hear even in the midst of a storm. That is what love sounds like.” — From Stolen Music

“An atheist is moral…for the sake of living a moral life. An Atheist is moral for they see the immense value and rational logic of living a moral life.” — From Morality of an Atheist

“Let me be, The indifferent sleep of a jaded cat. Take me… just take me, And the Rest will come.”
— From Jaded

“I am… an amalgamation of many brilliant minds who came before me, who concurrently exist with me, and many who will exist after me. And on this string of luminaries, I am a lantern.”
— From Life as it ought to be

“For what is life without the bruises and the failures and the emotions of sorrow and of anguish. It is a life without texture and allure. Life should be enticing. Life must have some texture. You must feel your life; feel that you’re living. You must be seduced and intoxicated by your life. It is only the irregularities of anguish and happiness, pain and joy, contentment and desire that create the texture of life. Like scrubbing off your dead skin cells in the shower, so should the texture of life rub against your being and reveal the emergence of a newer, livelier being.”
— From Life as it ought to be

3 Responses to “Quotable Quotes”

  1. sia said

    hi .i am sia, and i am an undergraduate student of computer science engineering in india.i have interest in ai but done know where to begin.i have written an article on ai after reading some books and would like to have a feedback to ensure whether i am going in the right direction.Since you are also interested ,can you please devote ten precious minutes to go through my article and comment on it.i’ll be highly honored. thanks .
    Below is the article.

    i’ve written an article which argues whether philosophy is necessary for understanding and imitating human intelligence .here’s the article

    “Every great physical theory starts as a heresy and ends as a dogma”.
    Although AI can’t be justified as a physical theory but i wonder whether its fate will be the same as cited above by the incisive remark.It’s been decades since the advent of the “IDEA” that we can mimic our own intelligence and now it has been shaped into a full researched field of cognitive sciences.
    The most intriguiging part of this science is the fact that the absolute is absent here,and the degree of relativity takes a spiral path.Take the term most commonly used “artificial intelligence”.even the term intelligence is ambiguous.And it is this relative misery which leads me to think whether we are on war with biology? and if yes can we ever win at this rate?? I answer this question in the affirmative and i believe we are already on a winning spree.How?? Let me explain .
    “TURING TEST” cited to be the ultimate goal of AI researchers for decades is loosing its importance now,well at least symbolically!! I go along with the breed of modern AI researchers who believe that the turing test doesn’t provide for a justifiable goal of AI because it is suggested conversely that the turing test needlessly costraints machine intelligence to fit a human mould.Perhaps machine intelligence is somewhat radically different from human intelligence and trying to evaluate it in human terms is a fundamental mistake.If you still don’t get what i mean ,then have it more detailed!
    During the turing test when it was seen that the interrogator could ask “any” question in order to differentiate between the computer and the human, it was seen that the interrogator often asks for some lengthy calculation which definitely the computer could solve and the human could be prone to mistakes,so again researchers had the problem of making computers take decisions as to when they should provide the “wrong answer” just to fool the interrogator. But isn’t it crazy??
    Firstly we device machines having great computational speed, accuracy and diligence and then we challenge those very machines to behave in a human like manner and make mistakes??? well to err is human; to compile ….digital.Do we really wish a machine would do mathematics as slowly and inaccurately as a human??
    On one hand we have developed technologies which can transfer electric signals around 10’000times faster than those done by the neurons.It’s been proven that the retina tranfers electric signals to the brain at the same rate at which two computers transfer data between them and the recent developments regarding ‘neuro chips’which could easily prove how far we have come and what all we have achieved but when it comes to application we again stumble and fall.It’s then, when i think whether the imitation is futile. I don’t mean we should stop exploring and experimenting but i believe instead of programming machines do superficial imitation of human intelligence, the whole field of the AI should be broken down into ‘snippets of AI’ and specific problem domains to be identified. Fields like psychology and philosophy should be done away with. I know i’ll be termed as somewhat ‘audacious’ for this line but i strongly believe that these two fields are not concerned with human intelligence at all, as they are concerned more with individual perception and belief rather than logic.Studies have proven that culture is just as important in creating humans as humans are creating culture, and if we try to take everything in account, we fail miserabely. As a great rationalist Hissels said that, ‘INTELLIGENCE IS NOT KNOWING WHAT IS TRUE, BUT RATHER KNOWING HOW TO COPE IN A WORLD THAT WAS CONSTANTLY CHANGING AND EVOLVING’.
    Being interested in AI i am not condemning the work being done but i beleive that it is still in its primitive stage and any jump without thinking of the consequences could be fatal to the work and morale of the researchers.
    There is an extremely different theme specified in the book i am reading which says that “intelligence is reflected by the collective behaviours of large numbers of very simple interacting ,semi-autonomous individuals or agents.Whether we take these agents to be neural cells ,individual members of a species,or a single person in a society,their interactions produce intelligence”.
    So,rather than wasting time ,money and effort in making machines produce pieces of poetry or to rank faces on a baeuty scale, the problem of building intelligent machines should be approached from the view point of mathematics,with the belief of logical reasoning as paradigmatic of intelligence itself.Who knows one day, we might be able to create machines which are able to think and take decisions based on pure logic without any emotional bondages to hamper their logical decision and then we can actually surpass our intelligence and create our own “artificial being”.

  2. Ergo said

    Sia, I know less than half as much as you know about Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, I’m not capable of commenting on your article. But, all the best.

  3. Thou Art God.


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