Reason as the Leading Motive

Learn About Objectivism

Greg Perkins at Noodlefood has dug up some of the best links to content that summarizes Objectivism for an unfamiliar seeker.

Here are some of those links:

Ayn Rand Society: An Overview (”Shorter and more technical, but probably the most impressive link” — Greg)

What makes Ayn Rand’s philosophy unique?

The Philosophy of Objectivism: A Brief Summary

Introducing The Objective Standard: A Journal on Culture and Politics from an Objectivist perspective.

Objectivism: A Philosophy for Living?

The Selfish Life

The Roots of Objectivism

Objectivism’s Appeal and Its Demands

Ayn Rand Lexicon: An Encyclopedia of Objectivism, from A to Z.

Ayn Rand Education

One Response to “Learn About Objectivism”

  1. Hi,
    I am an objectivist.just wanted to know if there are any active objectivist clubs in banglore.

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