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Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted by Jerry on October 29, 2007

My mom reminds me of this: too much of anything is bad, even if it is a good thing.


Well, let’s see:

Few would argue that freedom is a bad thing, unless of course you’re an Islamoloony or some other religious fanatic.
Assuming that you are a sane and sensible individual, therefore, is too much freedom–or absolute freedom–bad?

Perhaps, you might say it depends on the context. Rightfully then, in the context of adult human beings, is absolute freedom–too much freedom–a bad thing?

Whatever your answers, be careful not to blur the boundary between freedom and force: where one ends, the other begins.

So, should we re-think the golden mean? That too much of anything is bad? Is the “middle ground” always the right way to go? Can too much of “the middle ground” never be bad? Can too much of the grey never be wrong?

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