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Posted by Jerry on December 6, 2007

I will be away for a week (and so, no blogging); I’ll be traveling with some of my friends to the city of Allah–ho-bad (some call it Allahabad; same difference).

I’m going to attend my friend’s wedding there; she and I were colleagues at my previous job. I remember being very pleased–but not at all surprised, given her character, personality, and ideas–when I had learned that she had read almost all of Ayn Rand’s works. 🙂 She had seemed the type, ya know? The confident, no-nonsense, go-getter, fun, and practical type.

Oh, and she and I shared another common passion–movies! We both seemed to love the same kind of movies, and we usually had the same kind of responses to the movies we discussed and analyzed while taking a break from our work.

Anyway, she’s cool. And I’m happy to celebrate (with her) her decision to assume a life-long commitment to her immense value.

==== post wedding ====

Below are a coupla pics of the gang of us who went to the wedding. I’m second from the right in the second pic below.

The Girls 

The Men

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