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Best Objectivists Posts of 2007

Posted by Jerry on February 15, 2008

The Crucible & Column is the host of the 31st edition of the Objectivist Carnival; it features a compendium of the best posts of 2007 by Objectivist bloggers. These are posts that Obloggers have considered to be their personal favorites in the past year, and now they are all accessible from one place. Have fun reading!

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Objectivist Carnival No. 30

Posted by Jerry on February 8, 2008

Evanescent is the first-time host of the 30th Objectivist Carnival! Check out his site for links to all the posts below:

RationalJenn wants to know which states are currently complying?, and says…
Somehow, this whole thing snuck past me when it went through Congress nearly 3 years ago. It looks as if the Feds are going to come down hard on states that refuse to comply fully with the federal “security” guidelines for the issuance of state ids. Not only that, I fail to see how on earth this will protect me from Bad Guys. But I see quite clearly how much information our federal government will have about me and everyone else who wants to drive a car or ride in an airplane

Nicholas Provenzo at The Rule of Reason tells us Why Boycotting Berkeley is Important. [This is important: apparently, the city council of Berkeley has banned the US Marines from entering their city limits for recruitment purposes. Oh, but they certainly want the Marines and the rest of the US military to continue to safeguard their lives and property–only from the outside. — Ergo

Stella Daily at Reason Pharma reckons it Would be Cheaper if You Were Dead! [I’ve noticed a recent trend in books and studies extolling the virtue of death and non-existence; a pop philosophizer recently wrote a book arguing that non-existence is bliss; Stella, in her post, talks about a study that says health-care costs would be less if people were more unhealthy, obese, and sick–because they’d die faster. Is this the culture of nihilism? — Ergo]

Gus Van Horn presents Heartland on VanDamme

Evanescent exposes the Nihilism of Subjectivism. [An excellent post tracing the nihilistic roots of subjectivism, which lie at the ideological foundations of many “New Atheists.” — Ergo]

The next edition of the Objectivist Carnival will be a compendium of the Best Posts of 2007 and will be hosted at Crucible & Column.

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Adults Only

Posted by Jerry on November 9, 2007

The Objectivist Carnival has just turned 18! And this latest edition is one of the largest, with 13 blogposts, including an audio post by an Objectivist blog radio host speaking on civilization’s debt to Aristotle.

Visit the hosting site–Rational Jenn–for all the links to the carnival posts.

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15th Objectivist Carnival

Posted by Jerry on October 26, 2007

The 15th Objectivist Carnival is being hosted by Rational Jenn. Here’s a preview of what Objectivists have written this week. To read the posts, visit Rational Jenn and click on the links there.

Ergo presents My Interview with The Telegraph posted at Leitmotif.

Flibbert presents Introspection Part 2 posted at Flibbertigibbet, saying, “I was really torn about what to submit this week. I posted a bunch of interesting things, but nothing that represented any real insight or scholarship. Then, I thought to myself, “You know, my blog really isn’t always about insight or scholarship” and you guys almost got a link to a YouTube video with a woman performing a trumpet solo for a beauty pageant. (It’s hilarious.) But then I thought, “As sloppy as it is, I think my commentary on introspection is really interesting and somewhat insightful.” And so that’s what you’re getting. Instead of laughs this week, you have a post about introspection. Perhaps we can start getting rid of this vicious rumor that Objectivists are emotionless Vulcan robots. Randroids unite!” Flibbert always cracks me up.

Valda Redfern presents Independent of the Truth? posted at Valzhalla, saying, “Objectivists point out some of the more obvious errors in a long article on Ayn Rand published in The Independent, a British newspaper.” It still amazes me the lengths to which people will go to represent Ayn Rand and Objectivism in dishonest terms. 

Darren Cauthon presents Re: Free My Phone posted at Darren Cauthon. Darren discusses a WSJ article about cell phones and regulations, pointing out that at least some people at the WSJ don’t quite understand capitalism just yet.

Gus Van Horn presents The Global War on Carbon posted at Gus Van Horn. Gus ably dissects an article by conservative Cal Thomas who has been showing his green stripes lately.

Kendall Justiniano presents The FDA and Experimental Drugs posted at The Crucible & Column, saying, “Kendall looks at recent court rulings on patient access to experimental drug therapies.”

Rational Jenn presents Well, Actually. . . posted at Rational Jenn, saying, “A mother laments that it shouldn’t be her responsibility to figure out if the products in her home are safe or not–that’s the government’s job. This mom disagrees.”

Greg Perkins has an exciting announcement: weekly online Objectivist study sessions, entitled The Objectivism Seminar. You can find an explanation of how it will all work here. I for one am quite thrilled about this, particularly because it fits into my budget and my available free time. A must read for anyone who is interested in studying Objectivism a little more formally.

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Anniversary Carnival

Posted by Jerry on October 11, 2007

This week’s Objectivist Carnival is up on Rational Jenn. The theme at the Carnival is the Atlas Shrugged 50th Anniversary. So all the posts have somethin’ or other to do with Atlas Shrugged.  Visit Rational Jenn’s blog to get the links to these wonderful articles. There’s tons of reading material there to keep you busy for a while, so enjoy!

Monica starts us off with “My Experience with Atlas Shrugged” posted at Spark A Synapse. She says, “This week, I have a somewhat sappy story about my experience first reading Atlas, and the influence the novel has had in my life.” Her experience mirrors some of my own, so her piece really resonated with me.

Myrhaf presents Atlas Shrugged posted at Myrhaf. He writes about the lasting impact Atlas has had in terms of book sales as well as how Objectivism riles both liberals and conservatives alike.

Rational Jenn presents The Books That Live Inside You posted at Rational Jenn. As the kind of person who is never alone so long as there are books around, my post is about the crew that is running the literary show in my head.

Kyle presents Happy 50th Birthday, Atlas posted at Haight Speech. He remarks, “I’ve written up a few personal reminiscences about Atlas Shrugged and put them on my blog. (Oddly enough I first read Rand 20 years ago, so for me it’s a double anniversary.)”

Allen presents One Beautiful Mind posted at ALLEN’S IMAGE ADJUSTMENT. Allen writes about his personal experience with discovering Atlas Shrugged and pays tribute to the woman who wrote it–Ayn Rand.

Craig Ceely presents Pumping Clavicles, or: The Shape of Shrugs to Come posted at The Anger of Compassion saying, “Celebrate beauty and the heroic, not celebrity fashion.”

Ari Armstrong presents Atlas Shrugged — The Game posted at AriArmstrong.com. He says, “Often I come across tidbits in the popular media and think, “Wow, that could have come straight out of Atlas Shrugged.” Indeed, Ayn Rand’s ability to read and predict cultural trends can seem uncanny. So, as a fun way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the publication of the novel, I’m suggesting Atlas Shrugged — The Game.” A very cool idea–it’s blogging, it’s a game, it’s Objectivism–hmmm….maybe a possible future theme for the Objectivist Round Up?

Ergo presents Atlas Celebrations in Landmark Mumbai posted at Leitmotif. Ergo writes, “Across, India the Golden Anniversary celebrations of Atlas Shrugged are underway: in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. In Mumbai, I am organizing and hosting the event. View details and updates here.” Please put some pictures of the celebration up on your blog! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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