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Forbes Looks at Atlas Rising

Posted by Jerry on September 28, 2007

Forbes.com has an article by Marc Babej and Tim Pollak summarizing the exponentially rising popularity of Ayn Rand both in the popular culture and in academia.

… sales of Ayn Rand titles have tripled since the early 1990s–in fact, more are being sold now than at any time in history. Atlas Shrugged sales on Amazon in the first nine months of this year are already almost double the total for 2006. As of this writing, Atlas ranks 124th on Amazon’s sales charts. Compare that to The Da Vinci Code at 2,587.

Rand, an ardent advocate of rational egoism and capitalism, might have been the bane of academics in her lifetime, but now objectivism [sic] is taught at more than 30 universities, with fellowships at several leading philosophy departments. Next year, ARI plans to enter the Washington, D.C., think tank world with a center devoted to the advocacy of individual freedom and capitalism. [all bold mine]

Read the rest of the article for some interesting suggestions by the authors on how the Objectivist movement could capitalize on this rising visibility to steer political and social change.

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