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Compromise with Abhay Kumar

Posted by Jerry on March 21, 2011

I apologize to Abhay Kumar and his family for causing them agony and harm through my actions, which I accept now, were not justified. The entire episode has been a result of misunderstanding, which has now been sorted.

3 Responses to “Compromise with Abhay Kumar”

  1. Gazal said

    Jerry, I write this comment after having given Abhay Kumar enough time to make amends at his own end, but he clearly neither has grace, nor integrity enough to display your and my Credits back on youtube. The video, still, shamelessly says “Written/Produced/Shot/Directed by: Abhay Kumar”. Well, Congratulations to him for whatever pleasure he seeks out of it… and here’s wishing him some spine!

    • Ergo said

      Abhay–and your representatives–get out of my blog. I have deleted your comment. My blog is my property and your snide comments are not welcome here. If you want to say something, go start your own blog and spew whatever you want on it.

  2. Gazal said

    Exactly same modus operandi… Exactly same cheapness:


    Just goes to show that people who make success out of cheating and exploiting others cannot bear for that truth to be said aloud. After all, their very existence, their very survival depends on the sly nature of their game.

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