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Discussing Sexuality on CNN IBN

Posted by Jerry on November 2, 2009

Watch me and my friends discussing sexual minorities on CNN IBN.

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6 Responses to “Discussing Sexuality on CNN IBN”

  1. Gazal said

    I’m so happy I can finally read and comment on your blog! :)

  2. You’re back! :)

  3. Soumya Ranjan said

    South Asian feminist thinker and writer Sarojini Sahoo proves T is alien from LGB.
    Sarojini Sahoo tells that gender is a social creation, not a natural function of sex. Sex is related to our biological sexual make up and uses certain biological markers whereas gender is a common social expectation which puts borderlines for each sex.LGB are related to SEXUAL ORIENTATION and T is related to GENDER IDENTITY.
    Is transition required any way for the people who feel their soul remain in the wrong body?
    A very interesting discourse in this rarely discussed gender topic.
    You can access this from her blog SENSE & SENSUALITY at http://sarojinisahoo.blogspot.com/

  4. DIY Makeup said

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  5. Valenook said

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