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Grant Proposal for Atlas Shrugged

Posted by Jerry on September 29, 2008

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation is calling for proposals for grant money to promote the ideas of Atlas Shrugged. Here is the relevant part of the press release:

“Proposals should outline at least two educational events or activities designed to achieve the goals of the proposed program. This can be translation and/or distribution of the book, events such as book launch, reception, discussion forum, seminars, courses, press conferences, or any  creative form of educational outreach such as a movie, interviews, contests, etc.

Proposals should include a draft budget of how the money would be spent and a timeline of how the project would be executed.

Grant proposals are due in English by October 15, 2008. Proposals should be submitted  by e-mail to Ms. Yiqiao Xu at yiqiao.xu@atlasusa.org.”

The grant is made possible by the BB&T Bank.

I am working with the Liberty Institute to secure this grant and here’s the preliminary set of ideas I have come up with. I’m posting these up here to get feedback and additional ideas on how best to promote the ideas of Atlas Shrugged in India. Please note that the deadline for submitting the proposal is very near.

  1. Essay contest on Atlas Shrugged—across Indian colleges—with cash prizes for 3 winners.
  2. Create professionally designed brochures and pamphlets of key ideas from Atlas Shrugged:
    • Francisco’s Money speech
    • Excerpts from John Galt’s speech
    • Other excerpts that highlight philosophical and artistic integration
      Leverage these brochures on all events, activities, cross-country trips, bookstores, etc.
  3. Create and distribute large-sized posters of Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rand across large-chain bookstores in India–to raise the visibility and sales of the novel.
  4. Discussion seminars across various locations in India on themes from the Atlas Shrugged–moderated by me or representatives from the Liberty Institute
    • Philosophical themes for college professors from philosophy departments
    • The artistic merits of Atlas Shrugged—for students, artists, and professors from theaters, art institutes, and colleges
  5. Panel of experts session on the moral theory of Atlas Shrugged versus other moral theories:
    • Panel of clerics, NGO representatives, journalists, doctors, scientists, etc.
  6. Screening of the documentary film Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life on a cross-country tour across major movie chains such as PVR Cinemas–perhaps with the additional help and sponsorship of the American Center in Mumbai, tied-in with promotions of Atlas Shrugged—distributing brochures, books on sale, etc.
  7. Buy media space (in newspapers and online media such as emails, etc.) for promotions of the above-mentioned events and activities

10 Responses to “Grant Proposal for Atlas Shrugged”

  1. I think there should be a lecture series in addition to or rather before the discussion seminars.

    This is necessary because I realized that although many of my friends and colleagues have read Ayn Rand novels, to them it was a radical story and thats all. In fact two of my friends have admitted that they skipped Galt’s speech when reading Atlas Shrugged and “went on” with the “actual” story.

    The lectures (talks sounds more informal) should aim at bringing out the philosophy and ideas of Atlas Shrugged thus showing the novel more as a book on philosophy and less as they might believe – a radical story book. The talks may be divided in two categories if required. One for people who have read Atlas Shrugged and another for those who haven’t.

  2. Ajita said

    You’ve obviously been indoctrinated in this thought for a period. I’m just surprised how someone can reject dogmatic religions and turn around and embrace ideological political views such as objectivism.
    You’re not stupid. What you need to do is think about free-will for a few years.

  3. Ergo said

    Proposal has been sent. One thing we added was:

    A 20 minute documentary on the theme of “Spirit of Enterprise”–scripted along the lines of the Money Speech.

    Hopefully, we get the grant money to kick-start a vibrant community of Ayn Rand fans in India–and disseminate the ideas of Objectivism more widely.

  4. Atlas shrugged had to use science fiction to rationalize its position.

    If you look at the greatest advances in the internet, they were accomplished by free cooperation on open source projects.

    Reality paints a far different picture of what is right with the world contrary to your self-interested profiteering “objectivism”.

    Do something good for someone else without compensation and you will understand what fulfillment is.

    Abandon Ayn Rand.

  5. Ergo said

    I’m glad you mentioned the point about the internet–indeed, in my post on privatizing roads, I use the Internet as an exemplary case of a tremendously useful and important service available for use almost free of cost for individuals who want to transact freely with minimal government regulations.

    One of Objectivism’s central tenets besides reason is liberty–individual liberty and freedom from force and government coercion. Open source projects are a nice example of individuals on the internet freely choosing to collaborate–without force or coercion from the government. Thanks.

  6. Ajita said

    Another of Objectivism’s beliefs is scientific naturalism. Here is where it contradicts itself. Objectivism requires a supernatural belief in free-will. Also, it makes the naturalistic fallacy, rendering it logically flawed. Face it, its an ideology wrapped in pseudo-rationalist garb.

  7. Ergo said


    “Objectivism’s beliefs is scientific naturalism” – False.
    “it makes the naturalistic fallacy” – Prove it.

    Also, it seems like you’re not comfortable thinking in English; going by your comments here, your competency in the use of English is appalling. If you choose to launch a logical defense of your statements above, please ensure that it is logically sound, and make use of clear, accurate, and appropriate words. Largely denotative ones would be appreciated.

  8. Ergo said

    By the way, did I mention that we won the grant money?! I’m in the middle of organizing a series of activities and initiatives centered around the ideas of Atlas Shrugged. 🙂

  9. You want a handout so you can spew a pseudo-philosphy against people being given handouts?!?!?

    Sorry to spam you and all, but this is beyond surreal!

    • Jerry Johnson said

      Your apology is accepted.

      It is unfortunate that your education hasn’t been able to teach you the difference between a “government hand-out” and a “grant” by a private, pro-capitalist foundation.

      Oh well.

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