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Happy Blog

Posted by Jerry on May 29, 2008

Ted Keer has started a new blog called “Radicals for Happiness.” He’s hosted over at blogspot, but he says he will soon switch over to his own domain; I hope he chooses to host on the WordPress platform.

I was going through some of his posts, and I love–absolutely loved–the following from a post on his site:

North Korean classical pianist Cheol Woong Kim, born in Pyongyang, gave his first performance in America as a free man in Manhattan on May 21st. He had escaped to South Korea in 2003. The New York Sun quotes him as saying “I did not leave North Korea because I was hungry for food, but because I was hungry for music… People do not leave because they know that they deserve food, but because they know that they deserve freedom.”

One Response to “Happy Blog”

  1. Ted Keer said

    Thanks for the kind comments, Jerry. I’d give the credit for the mention of Cheol Woong Kim to the NY Sun which, unlike most US papers, does its own on-the-ground reporting with actual staff reporters and not AP press-releases providing the bulk of its content. Ayn Rand and other non-leftist thinkers often receive favorable mention in its pages. For those seeking an alternative to the treasonable NY Times and other risible old rags the Sun shines alone.

    Ted Keer Radicals for Happiness

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