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The Sword of Wafa Sultan

Posted by Jerry on March 7, 2008

Syrian-born political commentator and American psychiatrist, Wafa Sultan, speaks with the ferocity of a sword-wielding soldier in the battlefield of ideas.

“I have decided to fight Islam; please pay attention to my statement; to fight Islam, not the political Islam, not the militant Islam, not the radical Islam, not the Wahhabi Islam, but Islam itself… Islam has never been misunderstood, Islam is the problem…. (Muslims) have to realize that they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed.”

This video of her interview on Al-Jazeera is a must-see:


Go to fullsize imageWhen Islamic barbarism was revealed in the wake of the Danish cartoons fiasco, Wafa Sultan and members from the Ayn Rand Institute got together on panel discussions across the United States to stand up against the Islamic threat to freedom, liberty, and western civilization. The ARI website has the video of one their events in which Wafa Sultan participated:

Totalitarian Islam’s Threat to the West
A panel discussion featuring Daniel Pipes, Yaron Brook and Wafa Sultan
Recorded April 12, 2007
View video playback (requires RealPlayer®)
Part 1 (55 min.)
Part 2 (60 min.)

Watch more videos of this brave woman. [HT: Rule of Reason]

12 Responses to “The Sword of Wafa Sultan”

  1. Nishu said

    It really need too much of will power to speak openly like this against any religion. I would just like to extend her point .. No religion is ever misunderstood .. Every religion is evil and must be crushed and destroyed.

  2. Ergo said

    Well, Nishu, I’m against politically enforcing atheism. That would be an atheist version of a theocracy, like what the Communists had instituted. Therefore, I’m not in favor of crushing and destroying religion. Frankly, I don’t care about religion so long as it is practised in private and kept out of my way.

  3. I would like to see religion crushed and destroyed–in the realm of ideas. Moreover, I do care about religion, even when it is practiced in private and kept out of my way, insofar as I wish people would instead practice a rational philosophy, Objectivism.

    This would increase my chances of meeting more rational people and making my life happier. The more rational people that exist, the happier my life can potentially become. Imagine if at some point during Ayn Rand’s childhood she turned to religion instead of developing her rational philosophy. I know my life would be considerably less happy because of that one, albeit highly unique, individual’s turn toward religion.

  4. evanescent said

    I’m not in favour of crushing and destroying religion, because that could only be accomplished by force, and a police state.

    However, I would like to see religion totally annihilated peacefully by the free exercise of every individual’s rationality. That would create a wonderful world that I would enjoy even more immensely than I can this one. But, since I cannot think for other people or live their lives for them, I must settle for merely asking them no to intrude in my life with their irrational nonsense.

  5. Didn’t have a chance to check out the videos of this woman. One word; HEROIC.

  6. Oh, I meant I didn’t have a chance to check out the videos of this woman until tonight… 🙂

  7. Ergo said


    I think it is simply impossible to crush and destroy religion entirely by any means–peaceful or forceful. Likewise, I believe it is impossible to annihilate religion and mysticism entirely. Humans have free will and are not equal in intellectual respects. Therefore, the existence of the irrational at least among some people–to whatever extent within each of these persons–is always guaranteed.

    The key to having a rational world to live in is to change the predominant cultural ethos from a mystic, altruistic, collectivist, or statist one to a free, rational, individualistic, and egoistic one. This is done by influencing and changing the key thought leaders in a society: the intellectuals, philosophers, teachers, journalists, politicians, etc.

    Since irrationality will always exist so long as humans do, the best we can do is confine it tightly to the spheres and private lives of those who are irrational, without letting it spill out into public policy and culture.

    Do not go for mass activism or mass cultural change. That’s almost certain to result in failure. It is not the masses that need to change, or atleast not that we have to focus on changing the masses. Most people are simply content with accepting an ethos or belief system handed down to them, telling them how to live and what to accept. Most people *need* someone to tell them how to think; hence, you have the great influences of religion and the cry for government intervention in all matters. Thus, it is not the masses that we must care about. You have to target the intellectual apex of the culture, from where the ideas originate and flow down. The masses are more than content and willing to move in the flow of the current that sweeps them along.

  8. Nishu said

    Religion cant be crushed using force ..

    To eliminate religion mass education is required. People should know what is their right and what belongs to them.

  9. Ergo,

    I agree with, and already recognize, all that you wrote in response to my post here. I wrote that “I would like to” see religion crushed and destroyed in the intellectual realm (I meant by other, rational ideas, not by force), and that “I wish people,” not everyone the world over, would accept Objectivism. I short, I was engaging in some wishful thinking, not fantasy.

  10. “(Muslims) have to realize that they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed.”

    Someone please make this woman US Secretary of State!

  11. Konrad said

    When Islamic barbarism was revealed in the wake of the Danish cartoons fiasco…

    I thought that the Islamic barbarism was revealed long before that.

    But regardless of that, I think that to fight Islam we first have to give people the right to fight it. I mean all this multiculturalism, especially in Europe nowadays is a little skewed. Muslims have a right to do whatever they want, but as soon as somebody starts to criticize them (rationally or not), he’s “offending the Muslims” and is not PC.

    What happened to Lady Liberty I ask? Western World, wake up!

  12. perfect article

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