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X-Men in Mumbai

Posted by Jerry on January 30, 2008

Last Sunday, I went on a coffee date with a man I had been in contact with for several months. Our conversation was fluid, lively, expansive (in terms of the topics we discussed), and stimulating. However, there was this one moment that totally cracked me up. You’ll see:

Him: You know that the X-Men movies have a definite homosexual sub-text, right?

Me: Oh, of course! It’s hardly a sub-text–it’s the entire freakin’ gay agenda, loud and proud!

Him: Yah. Precisely! Well, in Mumbai, there is a definite X-men type gay underground group. We have Magneto, a.k.a, Ashok Row Kavi–the militantly gay activist, and his posse at the Humsafar Trust; and then we have his nemesis Professor X–the more benign and amiable founder of Gay Bombay groups with the rest of us followers.

Me: Oh, interesting! And what character are you?

Him: Well, I’m not really a “character” per se: I Am The Cerebro!

5 Responses to “X-Men in Mumbai”

  1. LOL

  2. Priyank said

    HAHA!. Who are you, Ergo?

  3. Avadhut said

    Ha ha! Cerebro! Pray do tell how? (Conjuring up images of Professor X “sitting” in the Cerebro and “enhancing” his—so called detection—powers. Meanwhile, Magneto waits on the sidelines for his chance to sit in the Cerebro. LoL.)

    You, you could be…the Juggernaut!

  4. Ergo said

    Juggernaut? No way! I’m hardly him. I more closely identify with Storm! 😉 Ya know, I’m on the good side–and I create such a storm wherever I go, with the soundtrack of “It’s Rainin’ Men” playing in the background! lol!

  5. Sinus said

    (Thats for Avadhut)

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