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New Year 2008

Posted by Jerry on January 1, 2008

Hope you all enjoy your new year celebrations!

And thanks to all my friends for making 2007 a pleasurable, fun, and memorable year. Cheers to having good things in life ahead! 🙂

8 Responses to “New Year 2008”

  1. Same to you, too! Best Premises!

  2. Sinus said

    Happy New Year Jerr. ohhh snowflakes?!?!?! WOW!

  3. satyajit said

    happy to you too, ergo!

    I hate all the “happy and prosperous new year” wishes. It’s as if the well-wisher is opening a d-mat account for you and putting in a fat amount. does this prosperous thing happen in the US too?

  4. Ergo said

    Does it happen in the US too? Well, I suppose it does, though I’ve never thought so much about that particular phrasing of the new year’s wish. Hmmm, it does sound silly, no? But isn’t it kind to wish prosperity upon someone? Like, I wish you have a prosperous new year… so that you work to make yourself richer (presumably in terms of wealth) than you were last year. Anyway, who cares?

  5. Charl said

    Thanks for rocking my 2007, too, Ergs. Here’s to an as good if not happier new year! Woot.

  6. John Enright said

    Happy new year, Ergo!

  7. evanescent said

    Happy new year, Ergo! I know I’m a bit late…what else is new?!

  8. Priyank said

    HNY buddy

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