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Slow Poison

Posted by Jerry on November 30, 2007

I was over at Flibbertigibbet, reading his post on the US presidential race. It’s really scary how Christianity is gaining an even stronger foothold in US culture and politics.

Mike Huckabee is the currently leading Republican contender for the president. He is also an ordained Christian Baptist minister, and holds the following positions:

He’s against gays in the military.  He’s against gay marriage.  He’s even opposed to civil unions. As a Christian, he believes that homosexuality is immoral and that marriage is sacred.

He’s against abortion.  As a Christian, he believes that abortion means killing a child and a woman’s right to her own body is superseded by the fetuses alleged right to life.
He’s for the War in Iraq.

He’s against stem cell research for much the same reasons that he is against abortion.

He’s a creationist and an anti-evolutionist.  Why?  Jesus said so.

He regards environmentalism as a moral issue based on the Christian stewardship concept.

He supports national ID cards and use of RFID chips for tracking citizens.

15 Responses to “Slow Poison”

  1. Berend said

    Watch out there, me bucko…. Huckabee’s got Ric Flair and Chuck Norris on his side. WHOOO!

  2. jack0 said

    religion have no place in politic.. religion should be a moral not in govern standpoint..

  3. tracy said

    I’m intrigued as to what many civil laws would be based on if not morals.

  4. tracy said

    Because I have never visited your blog before I may be asking questions you have already answered. Sorry!

    What belief system (if any) do you follow?
    Why are you concerned about what Christians do in society?


  5. evanescent said

    Tracy, I’ll take your question:

    what would we base civil laws on? All laws would be derivatives of the only legitimate governmental mandate: to protect the individual rights of its citizens. Laws would be based on individual rights, which are a requirement of man’s morality.

    Speaking for myself, I’m not concerned about what Christians do with their private lives. It is only when the religious seek to gain political power then I get worried, because I KNOW this will affect my individual rights. I KNOW that their warped views of morality and irrational beliefs will affect those who don’t believe that they believe. So you’re question was disingenuous; I don’t think many non-believers are bothered what christians do in society – we’re bothered about what you WOULD do, if given the power.

  6. hobbylobby said

    It should be no surprise when the radical religious forces (there are no non-radical religious forces) latches onto him just as they did with others.

    the radical religious forces in this country are absolutely desperate for some one in the government give them credence so that they may continue ramping up their views into an ever-more extremist and violent dogma of intolerance, hate, and violence — all under the protection of laws they are helping draft.

    the greatest irony of the current admin was that the war on terror was utterly made a joke by their ingratiation to the extremist radical religious factions in our country.

    if they had stayed true to their message and taught Americans about the true origins of terrorism, they would have set out on a war against religion and would have begun making laws to criminalize organized religion (not spirituality – but actual organized religious business/institutions) both in this country and abroad.

  7. evanescent said

    I disagree that organised religion should be criminalised. Whilst I’d like to see a world without it, people are free to believe whatever they want, no matter how irrational. They’re also free to act how they want, but they aren’t free to escape the consequences of their actions. If religion kept itself to itself then we’d have to tolerate it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We can’t violate people’s rights to religion because we don’t like it. We can only protect our rights and ourselves from harm. We should eliminate threats from other countries, like Iran, not because they’re irrational and evil (they are) but because they’re a direct threat to us.

  8. The Resolute Rationalist said

    The answer to the question of what the basis of the law would be in the absence of, as I interpolate, religious morality: philosophy. We could begin to think with Plato and, much more to my taste, Aristotle who, even from their distant perspective of long ago, still have much to say to us on the topics of ethics, law, and politics. This is not to say that we should cease to think with them.

  9. loopyloo350 said

    Huckabee: the man who wants to be the Cleavers,the hypocrit who denied a 15 year old mentally retarded child an abortion because he thinks abortion is murder. Instead every other crime gets a pass. Right to lifer, but only if those lives suit him. Would like to know and decide how everyone should live. Control with a soft word and smile, but still control. My mama always said you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Huckabee’s had a bit of polish but he is still a sows ear. Believe me I know how he governs, I am from Arkansas

  10. Dr Breuer said

    Que isso ninguem entende nada desses trabalhos e oque vc quer que agente faça
    Axu q temos q cheirar uma coca como o freud pra abstrair e sair alguma coisa, pois o trem ta foda!!
    E oque é isso hem professora vc escolhe alunas pra te ajudar no projeto de pesquisa (qual foi o criterio de escolha chupar o saco da psicanalise?),

  11. hobbylobby said

    “I disagree that organised religion should be criminalised. ”

    Well, I didn’t say that it should or shouldn’t.

    regardless, radical religion IS the force behind terrorism throughout the world.
    we haven’t been taught by our gov or our media where terrorism comes from because it is inherently and inextricably tied to religion. our gov has entrenched and ingratiated themselves to the extreme religious factions in this country so even if they wanted to, they couldn’t talk about things honestly.

    what I said was that if they really wanted to do what they say they want to do, then they would have to make the war about religion in order to contain terrorism.

    I’m not equating independent spiritual beliefs with organized religion.

  12. tracy said

    Thanks for responding to my question. If there is a blog you would rather me respond to I’d be happy to. In the mean time..

    “I KNOW that their warped views of morality and irrational beliefs will affect those who don’t believe that they believe.”

    Which warped views of morality, specifically? And which beliefs, specifically?
    You also state emphatically that you KNOW this. Is this from experience?
    Thanks for taking the time to respond, again.

  13. evanescent said

    Which warped views of morality, specifically? And which beliefs, specifically?

    The doctrine of Original Sin, the notion that thoughtcrime is a crime at all, the establishing of impossible to follow laws, the obedience to the whims of an imaginary galactic dictator, the shameful view of natural bodily function, for starters. Talking snakes, 6000-year old earth, special creation, the flood story, a virgin birth, contradictory gospel account, fabricated events one after the other, god giving birth to himself to sacrifice himself to himself to appease himself for a “sin” he already knew would happen. Indoctrinating young child and the gullible with lies about reality; causing incalculable guilt by the despicable notions of heaven and hell; the genital mutilation of baby boys and girls; forbidding every day practices for no good reason, such as contraception, sex, certain foods etc.

    That’s just an example of the so called morality of religion, and I think there are a fair few irrational beliefs in there too.

    How do I know the religious WILL affect those who don’t believe? Because it has already happened countless times through history! And the fanatics are trying to make it happen in the Western world right here and now! We can already see what the East is like; ruled by religion. It is a self-evidence FACT that if the religious were given the power to enforce their beliefs, they would. 1. because this is what most of them expressly want by their own admission. 2. because every time religion has been mixed with power/politics, the result is ALWAYS oppression, repression, suffering, lack of freedom, and violence.

  14. Tim R said

    Chances are you guys have seen this, but Diana Hsieh had a link to an article where Huckabee promotes Christian environmentalism. I think it was entitled: “God wants us to save the planet” or something similar.
    – Very worrying but not surprising.

  15. thetbones said

    How can you resist?

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