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Those Worms Are So Gay!

Posted by Jerry on October 30, 2007

Is this news? Scientists have found evidence that same-sex attraction is genetically wired in the brain… of a worm.

University of Utah biologists genetically manipulated nematode worms so the animals were attracted to worms of the same sex — part of a study that shows sexual orientation is wired in the creatures’ brains.

Thankfully, the scientists have admitted the role of free will as a “complicating factor” in the roots of sexual attraction among humans.

“We cannot say what this means for human sexual orientation, but it raises the possibility that sexual preference is wired in the brain,” Jorgensen says. “Humans are subject to evolutionary forces just like worms. It seems possible that if sexual orientation is genetically wired in worms, it would be in people too. Humans have free will, so the picture is more complicated in people.”

You can find my views on homosexuality in my posts under the category of the same name.

[ht: The Daily Dish]

2 Responses to “Those Worms Are So Gay!”

  1. Jason said

    I dunno about this… It seems to me that the study really sort of answered the whole “transgender is hardwired” as opposed to being gay or lesbian… As the article stated, “They look like girls, but act and think like boys,”

    I am a male, I act like a male, and I like males, so…

    I tend to think it’s sometimes nature, sometimes more nurture, but definately a HUGE mix of the two which makes one gay or straight… I’m also sure soemtimes people aren’t predisposed to being gay, but CHOOSE to be so, but I also think that’s a very small minority…

    Anyway, catch ya later…

  2. Cody said

    Interesting study, and it does raise some interesting questions, the most important of which is, “How many people are going to start persecuting gay worms?”

    Seriously, though, very interesting article.

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