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Pulse of the Culture

Posted by Jerry on October 24, 2007

After reading this very interesting article by Sarah Baxter, I’m getting the impression that some key Objectivist positions are already seeping into the mainstream of intellectual and englightened dialog–on say multiculturalism, the moral bankruptcy of the left and Marxism, the rising reactionary threat of Christianity, the current threat of Islamofacism and the requirement of full war against it.

Read the entire article. It amazingly brings together various interconnected issues and persons into focus: Che Guevara, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islamofacism, feminism, multiculturalism, antisemitism, the war in Iraq, Bush policies, atheism, Christopher Hitchens, and more!

A case in point is the treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somalia-born author of Infidel, who has received an astounding lack of support from liberals and the left. An article in Newsweek described her as a “bomb-thrower”, when it is Hirsi Ali who faces death threats from real bomb-throwers merely for speaking her mind and has had to rush back to the Netherlands because its government will no longer pay for her bodyguards while she is abroad.

Natasha Walter, reviewing her book in The Guardian, wrote blithely: “What sticks in the throats of many of her readers is not her feminism, but her antiIslamism” – as if the two could be separated. It was Hirsi Ali’s culture that led her to be genitally mutilated as a girl, and it was her Muslim former co-religionists who murdered her friend Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker. Why should she remain quiet?

6 Responses to “Pulse of the Culture”

  1. Ergo said

    Among the first to comment on Sarah’s article on the Timesonline website is some lousy Indian by the name of “Ramesh Raghuvanshi.” The fellow can’t even spell correctly. But truly an embarassment are his opinions:

    “Those who are very proud of their culture and think themself superior compare to other culture. They must take kit of gene testing macine and go to Africa and test Babun or Gorila and findout their ancient forefather.
    Those who think themself superior must understand all mankind was born from BABUN. WE ARE IN SAME BOAT. So please stop this nonsense comparism”

    Reminds me of what Dagny Taggart tells James about keeping his mouth shut lest the true worth of his opinions and intelligence becomes apparent to everyone.

  2. Charl said

    Babun or Gorila. Jeez.

  3. Ergo said

    Haha! I LOVE how Mr. Ramesh Raghuvanshi says “…BABUN. WE ARE IN SAME BOAT” Aaaaaaaarrr! Help, the BABUN’s are drowning my boat!! LOL! 🙂

  4. Those who donot tolerate the criticism ,they alway abused, so I donot answer the abused people

  5. Ergo said

    OMG! Mr. Rames Raghuvanshi writes this on his personal Website. It is HYLAYRIOUS! 🙂 (The “colorful” language is copied verbatim.)

    “I am master of mystic power. I have developed such a miraculous technique; From last fifty years I am practicing this technique and got tremendous result, now for benefit to all people I am introducing it on Internet. I prepare various lucky articles (e.g.Yantra, Rudrksha Beads, Gems, Navratna rings, etc.) purified by rituals for fulfill your desires by means of mystic worship and spells. They impart spiritual powers to the devotees. Lucky articles on my catalogue are purified by rituals before being sold. In order to purify the articles on your name, it is necessary to inform me, your birth date, birthplace, time of birth and direction of the front door of your residence or place of work and your problems.”

  6. This is well known fact that white people donot tolret tiny criticism,they stared to abuse, how can man reply to abused people.

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