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Funny Dream

Posted by Jerry on October 24, 2007

Last night, I had this really funny dream. In fact, when I woke up, I just sat on my bed and chuckled at how funny the dream was!

In my dream, I was back in some college classroom–didn’t look like any of the classrooms from my real college days–with all my old classmates. The classroom was an auditorium, with seating arranged along rising layers. My favorite professor–a professor of Psychology back in my collge–was in this dream. He was standing in the front of the class.

The lecture had not yet begun. This was because apparently we had to first stand and *sing* the national anthem (I can’t remember which country’s national anthem we were about to sing.)

Okay, so well, we all started singing the national anthem. Not too long after I had begun singing–and just as I had touched upon some high note in the anthem–the girl seated right in front of me turned back to look at me in a playfully teasing manner, and said: “Shut Up!”

That girl was Jennifer Lopez!


5 Responses to “Funny Dream”

  1. Priyank said

    LOL. That was indeed funny 😀

  2. Seriously, that is SO funny!

  3. Charl said

    HAHAHAHAHHAAH. Gawwd. I’d like to psychoanalyze that one!

  4. Ergo said

    Do it then. Let’s see what you come up with! I’m sure to be amused.

  5. Mr. U said

    Why is that even remotely funny?

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