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Posted by Jerry on October 1, 2007

All you bloggers who use Google’s pathetic platform of Blogspot (also known as Blogger), I’d like to honestly know your reasons for not having switched yet to a more advanced, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, features-rich, community-supporting platform like WordPress.com?

Why why why!!?

You know, it’s getting really tiresome for me to comment on your blogspot blogs: for one, there’s that primitive anti-spam technology for posting comments that gives me headaches everytime I try to read those mangled letters! Sometimes, it is an incredible feat of imagination to figure out exactly what the letters are–is that a lowercase l or an uppercase I or an f or a t!

 And then, for all the trouble of writing up a detailed comment, the damned captcha spamming thing decides that you haven’t proved yourself to be “real” enough, and it forces you to tackle another mind-boggling jumble of distorted characters; in the meantime, your Internet connection is refreshed and often the lengthy and thoughtful comment you just typed up is conveniently LOST!

The comment features are so appallingly poor on Blogspot! It makes having a discussion such an arduous task, for unless your are proficient with html and coding and scripting (I don’t know which you really need), you can’t figure out how to use block quotes to demarcate quotes from your responses, how to add hyperlinks, how to emphasize your points with bold or italics, or anything of that sort!

Please people! You would make *my* life easy by switching to a more enlightened way of blogging–on WordPress.com. And trust me, you will experience the direct benefits of the switch as well! WordPress allows you to port all your posts from Blogger directly here, along with your comments, so you won’t miss a thing!

Besides, you will increase your readership by exploiting the rich publicizing features of WordPress, like Categories, Tags, Featured Posts, etc. And WordPress allows you to read other blogs and follow-up comments on other Wordpress blogs right from your own Dashboard! That means, it saves you the time and bandwidth going around navigating the hideously treacherous territories of Google’s Blogger! 

WordPress.com is a beautiful community of really benevolent creators; and look at how pleasing it is to the eyes! Come join WordPress now!

13 Responses to “Switch to WordPress”

  1. rambodoc said

    As a former Blogger user, may I say Amen to that?

  2. satyajit said

    I’m very game for the switch; I’ve been procrastinating for a long time now. Just not too excited at the prospect of going through templates, choosing settings, and all that jazz.

  3. Ergo said

    Ahh.. that’s what I shouldn’ve titled this post! “Switch to WordPress!”

  4. I stayed on blogger cause I tried WordPress, but it didn’t transfer all my posts. I wonder if I should try again. I like that blogger is so integrated with my Gmail account, and all the other services provided by google.

  5. sparkasynapse said

    Ergo –

    I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind before. The attractive things about WordPress for me are the statistics, the comments field, and the ease of publishing. Believe me, the anti-spam letters for comments in blogger are just as bad for the publisher as for the commenter. Sometimes I have to type them in three times in order to publish my posts. There have been several times when I’ve lost posts. However, I’ve got to say I’m not crazy about many of WordPress’s templates. That’s about the only thing holding me back. I really love my template in Blogger now, and I cringe at creating all my sidebar categories again. It doesn’t seem like it’s possible in many of WordPress’s template to name your own categories in the template. Perhaps I just haven’t explored it enough, but that’s throwing me off a bit.


  6. Ergo said

    Hmm.. yea, WordPress.com does not allow you to modify your templates because they are not owned by WordPress as such; they are mostly designed by other users. However, you could upgrade for the option to tinker with your template.

    But WordPress guys are so good at giving the community a good selection of themes, and are constantly offering new themes every so often.

    About the side-bar category, you are free to create your own categories; in addition, you can add as many tags as you like to your posts. And categorizing posts are as simple as clicking a check box.

    The wordpress homepage has a nice tour of its more prominent features. Yea, the statistics are incredibly detailed in wordpress: they can be broken down by days, months, weeks, by referrers, search terms, and out-clicks. Each post has its own statistical data recorded as well. There’s so many features to list right now.

    And the best thing I love about WordPress is its community; it’s a very active community of bloggers, designers, and creators. Several times, I have had my queries or problems responded to and fixed within 24 hours, with a personal reply from some *actual* human being! 🙂 It’s just lovely.

    Anyway, I was just curious about why bloggers continue to remain with such a sub-par platform: I realize that the ability to modify your templates is a big advantage that Blogger enjoys; then, as Innommable said, it is an integrated platform with the rest of Google’s services.

  7. Flibbert said

    I used to use WordPress and I liked the interface a lot. Unfortunately, it made too many calls to my server and made it crash. When I finally got it up and running again, I couldn’t export my old posts and as a result, I lost a year’s worth of posts.

    Now I am part of a blogging community with an administrator who is very helpful with all these sorts of things.

    It rocks.

  8. Ergo said

    I noticed Flibbert, you changed your blog template twice today! 🙂 I do check your blog very often, though not always moved to comment; but I do sometimes.

  9. Flibbert said

    I see! I can always rely on you to give me traffic from Asia. I just need to get someone so reliable from South America and then I would probably have hits from all the regular continents every day!

  10. I’ve been considering a switch for some time. I’m intrigued by Flibbert’s new set up (very nice, btw) and WordPress, too. I’d love to have 3 columns, which I can’t seem to get in Blogger. I know enough html to fiddle with the templates, but….I just don’t wanna! (she whines)

    I like your site, Ergo, and it’s one of the reasons I will explore WordPress.

  11. Ergo said

    “I like your site, Ergo, and it’s one of the reasons I will explore WordPress.”

    Yay!! I wonder if the guys behind WordPress are reading this. 🙂

  12. Flibbert said

    Even though I love my host and the blogging software, I am comfortable endorsing WordPress — unless you intend to install it on your own servers and maintain all that on your own.

    The interface was great and has lots of really cool features that I haven’t seen in other blogging software packages. I’ve tried out WordPress, MovableType, Blogger, and now the Minx software and WordPress and Minx are, by far, the most user-friendly.

    There are pros and cons to each. I’d be happy to spell them out in the context of my own experiences if you want to email me for your own consideration.

  13. gurmeet said

    I agree that there are several issues with the Blogger, commenting being only one of them. I spent a hell of a lot of time customizing the Blogger templates to make it more interesting and user friendly- one of users being myself.I have also replaced the Blogger commenting system with the Haloscan one, though I still am not satisfied.
    Have a look-

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