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My Bookshelf

Posted by Jerry on September 24, 2007

Upon an invitation from a friend, I recently registered on two book-cataloging Web sites. They function as a kind of online bookshelf that you can share with your friends, categorize according to various parameters, comment on and rate the books, view and review the books that others have read, etc.

I like the idea.

So, here is my list of books on the two sites:

Library Thing shelf


All the books listed are either on my real bookshelf at home or are ones that I have read/currently reading. I have not bothered to select the exact editions for each book I read (since I’m not even aware of their particular dates of publication); therefore, I may not actually have the specific edition of a book that I have displayed on the list.

Feel free to add me to your friend’s list (if you already have an account), write your reviews of books that you and I have read, give your ratings, and even offer some suggestions of books that you think I might enjoy reading–given the pattern in the kind of books I read.

P.S. The above links can also be accessed from the bottom of the sidebar to the right.

P.P.S. It should go without saying, the list is not exhaustive.

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  1. […] received an invite from a friend to join Shelfari, an online book-sharing site. Then, I came across Ergo’s post sharing his bookshelf. I too think it is a great concept and a great idea. Much better than adding […]

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