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Indian Democratic Lawlessness

Posted by Jerry on August 29, 2007

Last night on Indian national news, I was shocked and physically disturbed to watch the most gruesome video footage of mob and police violence in recent memory: a gang of savages–including two police officers–were most brutally clobbering, stomping, kicking, and beating an emaciated young man as punishment for his crime of trying to steal a necklace. I’m not posting the video here because it is too gruesome to watch; those interested, can follow the link to watch the video. 

According to some reports, the clobbering lasted for close to 30 minutes. In this wholesale celebration of savagery, tribalism, and sub-humanism, there were two enthusiastic police officers willing to take this extent of brutality to a higher level: one of the officers tied a rope around the man’s feet to his motorcycle and dragged him–bare-bodied–along the road for about five meters.

Further similar incidents involving law-enforcement officials (who make a farce out of that term) have occurred in various parts across India.

In November last year (2006), police constables in Mumbai mercilessly beat up a group of blind men. A group of blind protestors had gathered to demand better job opportunities for themselves outside the state secretariat – when the police used brute force to break up their agitation, mercillesly [sic] lathi-charging them and bundling them into police vans. [bold added]

In India, democracy has a new meaning—violence as the voice and medium of expression of a sub-human mob.


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One Response to “Indian Democratic Lawlessness”

  1. satyajit said

    the police are the most visible and dreaded arm of the establishment… most law-abiding Indians dread having to do anything with the police… last year, i think, the cops went on a demolition drive of lovers…in Nagpur, they rounded up guys and girls in public parks and streets and thrashed them on the pretext of curbing indecent public behavior

    and this is just normal peace time, if you call it so…during the Godhra riots, the police transformed into a brutal and skewed law-enforcing agency sponsored by the ruling BJP government

    This year the Delhi police, probably the most dreaded of all, have thought of “citizens first” as their motto in an attempt to improve their public image…regardless of it, I’m sure in India we just hope we can go by our lives without having anything to do with the cops

    any step into the cause and effect of such police behavior demands many more posts; so, i’ll just refrain from it

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