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New Theme Change

Posted by Jerry on August 16, 2007

Theme: Fadtastic by Andrew Faulkner.

Comments?? Opinions?

Update: Priyank made a definitive case for me to revert to my original theme–Andreas 9.0. Plus, I realized that the comment features of Fadtastic were very scant. So, ya. Back to familiar surroundings. 🙂

10 Responses to “New Theme Change”

  1. Woah! It’s SO different. Why’d you change it? Lemme browse it to see if it’s easy to browse…

  2. I think it would be better if you had a “Recent Posts” page… otherwise, not bad.

  3. Priyank said

    since I am a self-declared web design expert, in my opinion this theme is unsuitable for your blog for these reasons:

    – Too many links on the right side. When I scroll down, I lose the heading and it gets confusing. The blank space between two links can go.
    – Blue and olive conveys… umm.. what? The previous color scheme had an element of elegance and dryness, this looks like a failed experiment, and its not communicating anything at all.
    – It is using only 85% of available space. Since you have got so much stuff, it makes sense to use 100% of screen width.
    – The large ugly blue colored panel at the bottom is redundant. The links are already present in the sidebar. Repeating only some of the links is confusing.
    – The olive (or whatever color it is) needs to be changed to something darker (maybe #839b49). I’m on a laptop and the links are difficult to read.
    – You are using Verdana 10? WHY on earth?
    – I think this theme would be more suitable for (1) Military government of Burma, (2) A hippie’s journal about source of his stash, (3) A slum dweller who paints his house using cheap colors, you know because he cannot afford.

    Those were ‘few’ opinions I had. I’m sure there are better themes out there !

  4. Priyank said

    ugh, the onslaught continues
    – The theme does not validate to W3C standards. The code has 26 errors on XHTML and another bunch of CSS goofups. This means, potentially your blog will not visible to some people.
    – For a strange reason posts or comments do not display the time.
    – The HTML capability of the comment form is severely limited, I don’t know why only ‘blockquote’ and ‘a’ tags work.

  5. Ergo said

    Woah! Priyank… that was a winning case! I had to change my theme back to the original one… of which I have actually become very fond. 🙂 I just had this crazy urge this morning to tinker with my blog stuff.

    Also, with the previous theme I had, I realized I no longer liked it when I was writing my comment. The comment box in that theme is placed above all the comments; so, if I needed to refer to previous comments by others, I had to keep scrolling down and up, which was a hassle I didn’t need. So, yea. I like my current theme. Sadly, WordPress.com does not allow you to edit the themes. But to me, it’s a minor inconvenience given everything else that is so wonderful about this platform.

  6. Ergo said

    P.S… “Military government of Burma”!?? Lol! Do they even have a blog!? Do they know what the internet is?

  7. rambodoc said

    Good grief, Ergo!
    You have actually blogrolled me?
    Thaaat is a laugh!!

  8. rambodoc said

    And, of course, thank you for showing such exquisite taste!

  9. Priyank said

    Oh I didn’t know you can’t edit a theme. A possible workaround would be downloading the theme, editing it and uploading the variation to wordpress website as something new (most themes are copyleft.)
    If you can’t, then I can do it, but you have to ask me reeeally nicely 😛

  10. mahendrap said

    Priyank: next time I develop a web site, I know whom to consult!

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