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This is Genius

Posted by Jerry on August 2, 2007

A mathematical genius came up with an irrefutable proof that demonstrates all girls are evil. It’s pure genius! Check it out.

Via stumble upon and Noodlefood.

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9 Responses to “This is Genius”

  1. OMG! I never knew they were evil! That explains a lot!

  2. Rambodoc said

    I knew this for a while!
    Note that girls become evil only if they are ‘squared’. Square=”person considered to be old-fashioned or boringly conventional in attitude or behavior.”
    So adventurous girls are just the opposite of evil, i.e., good!

  3. Ergo said

    Oh! Already an attempt to refute the proof! Good one. 🙂 But I like the proof better than the refutation. You see, I’m gay. 🙂 Can someone come up with a proof for “Men are Hotter than Women” or “All men should be gay”?

  4. Pink Imp said

    ok very funny.
    and i am extending the proof to the fact that a girl is evil only as long as her bf HAS money 🙂

    and of course, the poor bloke had a negative bank balance it wld be like this:

    girls= time * money………..(1)

    time= money………………..(2)

    but, the guy is broke

    therefore, substituting time = money in (1)
    we have,

    girls= money * (-)money= -money (since money is a huge entity and money+money=money)

    money is the root of all evil and so:

    -money= square root of evil……….(3)

    square root values cannot be negative.

    hence (3) cannot be true

    Therefore, it can be seen that the irrefutable proof only holds true for the gfs of RICH men 😉 since the equation is valid only for positive values of money and time (in case the bf is a busy man, time value will be negative)

  5. Ergo said

    Pink Imp,

    Ahh.. brilliant! (though, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t really know. None of that made any sense to me–you see, neither am I into girls nor am I into mathematical proofs. So I couldn’t care less. ;))

  6. Pink Imp said

    oh its true, ergo. my boyfriend is very busy (time available is negative) and so i am not evil!! see?!

  7. Priyank said

    Oaky. This is stretching to the extreme.

    Lets consider a few “Men of humble origin”

    But, “Happy are the humble”
    So, these are “men of happy origin”

    But Happy = Gay
    So, these are “men of gay origin”

    but, all men consider themselves to be of humble origin

    Hence: All Men are gay 🙂

    (erhh, professor i deserve a passing grade atleast!)

  8. Ergo said

    Priyank, you would barely make a C- with that. Gawd… whoever thought of bringing “humble” into the equation! If anything, gay men are the opposite of humble! 🙂

  9. Priyank said

    man! you are strict. Whoever said that gay people are soft and yielding and… blah blah… 😀

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