Reason as the Leading Motive

The Irony Does Not End

Posted by Jerry on August 1, 2007

This is so funny, really. I have a commentor on my blog insisting that my identification of “class distinctions”  and class identity as a crucial motivating premise and defining element of Socialism/Communism is false and a strawman.

At the same time, The Rational Fool posted on a Socialist/Fabian dinner guest who came over to the Fool’s house and argued the exact opposite of his comrade! Read this:

Fabian: I’ll not be satisfied, not until everyone is conscious of his or her class. Without universal class consciousness, we cannot achieve an egalitarian society. Increasing political awareness through education is the only means to create class consciousness.

Fool: Class consciousness towards what purpose? I suppose, it is the means to make everyone happy?

Fabian: No, material prosperity is irrelevant. Class consciousness is an end in itself. When the masses are made politically aware and conscious of their class and that of the oppressors — through peaceful and democratic means — then only they’ll be truly free!

Read the entire post–it’s really interesting. And read my own post where the commentor insists on contradicting the views of his socialist comrade Fabian.


One Response to “The Irony Does Not End”

  1. mahendrap said

    Why don’t they meet each other and sort it out? 🙂

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