Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on July 5, 2007

I stand alone in an empty room
Where on rusted nails on barren walls,
Memories once hung by a noose

Outside these hardened walls,
A thick smog belches violently 

It seeps through the thin sliver of light 
Beneath the locked and latched door
Breaching the threshold of my sanctuary

I stand watching its predatory movements
As it licks the walls with salivating greed

I become alert to what I feel
And it is neither fear nor dread
Just a resigned indifference to what awaits me

I gasp sharply at the stinging touch of its hands
On my skin, crawling inside my lungs

My mind is soundlessly screaming, like a drowning child
But my body is rigid and poised,
like a hermit in a trance

This cannot be my last breath yet, I say
Not here–not like this.


[This poem is almost similar in theme and emotion as this other one I wrote a few years ago.]


3 Responses to “Breathless”

  1. Hi Ergo,

    After our not so pleasant discource on Desicritics I took the oppourtunity of checking out your blog. Liked the poem above especially the imagery you create with the use of personification. You sound like a really intelligent and well-read person. Earlier, I guess it just rattled me to see eclectic titles thrown around in a discussion where people were not likely to understand the terms but probably would’ve responded to the logic if those very terms were just explained better. Nonetheless, I’m sorry if I came down hard on you when I criticized your use of labels!

    I am not big on Ayn Rand but I do love poetry very much. Poetry’s what lured me into the literary world to begin with. Guess we all have something we can agree on 😀



  2. Ergo said

    Hi Aditi,

    Your apology is accepted. I hope you have realized that there is a difference between cultural literacy and knowledge of specialized fields. Using terms from cultural movements affecting mainstream ideas, which every reasonably educated person should strive to be aware of, is different from using “jargon” from specialized fields in, say, nanotechnology.

    An example of the former would include the Bauhaus movement in architecture and its leading principals; an example of the latter might be some technical quantum nano-computer jargon.

    In any case, thanks for your comment on my poem and for visiting my blog. Perhaps, we can have more fruitful discussions in the future.

  3. Shrenik Mutha said

    Wonderful imagery 🙂 I loved it totally.
    My favorite lines:

    My mind is soundlessly screaming, like a drowning child
    But my body is rigid and poised,
    like a hermit in a trance

    This cannot be my last breath yet, I say
    Not here–not like this.

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