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Where is Google’s Independence?

Posted by Jerry on July 4, 2007

You know how Google usually re-designs its logos to mark a certain holiday or cultural observance–sometimes even trivial ones like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday.

Well, LGF had noted that Google had completely ignored designing a special logo for the American Memorial Day, Google Australian Memorial Day LogoGoogle Canadian Memorial Day Logowhile making sure to commemorate the memorial days of other countries like Australia, Canada, and Great Britain.

In light of this, Google’s excuse for not designing anything for the American Memorial Day is simply disingenuous. Google said:

If we were to commemorate this holiday, we’d want to express reverence; however, as Google’s special logos tend to be lighthearted in nature, this would be a particularly challenging design. We wouldn’t want to create a graphic that could be interpreted as disrespectful in any way.

We have a long list of holidays that we’d like to celebrate in the future. We have to balance this rotating calendar with the need to maintain the consistency of the Google homepage.

Obviously, they were successful in creating respectful and reverent logos for those other countries to mark their memorial days.

Which is why I bring this issue up today, on July 4, 2007. I have yet to see the Google (US) homepage redesigned to have a logo marking this important date. Perhaps, due to the time difference between where I am sitting (India) and the United States, I may have to wait until sometime tomorrow to see anything different on Google’s site. Or perhaps they have simply discontinued the practice of designing new logos. What say?

Update: July 5,2007

Thanks John for informing us of the google update. Ted Keer gives us the link to the newly designed logo in the comments of this post.

Here’s the Independence Day logo by Google:

Ya know, all that said and done, I was under the impression that the Google US homepage would be featuring this re-designed logo for just the day. I thought that was the standard practice with every holiday. Is that the case? Because I noticed yesterday that the Yahoo! homepage featured a re-designed logo made for the holiday, but I didn’t notice the same on Google’s US homepage all day. Did I simply miss it?


4 Responses to “Where is Google’s Independence?”

  1. Maybe it was the time difference, but there’s one up now. There’s an eagle in place of the second G. And the letters are colored in stars-and-stripes. Loved your Rand quote on your front page!

  2. Ted Keer said

    I had not been aware of the google logo issue until I read of it here, but as Enright has commented, there is an Independence Day logo up there now, and it is quite nice to see.

  3. Ergo said

    Thanks John and Ted! Hope y’all had a fun holiday. 🙂

  4. John Enright said

    Had a great 4th – we have a young African gentleman from Botswana visiting for a few days. Keep up the great blogging, Ergo!

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