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Freegan Idiots

Posted by Jerry on June 21, 2007

Gus Van Horn brings attention to a freegan stupid anti-capitalist movement in New York known as “freeganism.” Of course, as expected, its members are mostly young, socialist, hippie, vacuous potheads.

From the New York Times article on this movement: 

Almost every week, [Andrew] Weissman organizes an event commonly referred to as “dumpster diving,” where he leads an open tour among the various trash heaps and dumpsters of Manhattan to gather discarded food. The activity is part of a larger social movement known as freeganism, which views capitalism as the primary force in destroying the environment and avoids the capitalist structure through such practices as eating discarded food, squatting in abandoned buildings instead of paying rent and refusing to hold a job. Just as vegans are vegetarians who avoid animal products, freegans subsist only on free food found in the garbage as consumer waste. In Manhattan, there is plenty to go around.

[Weissman] is also unemployed, choosing to spend his free time volunteering for a variety of activism groups. The main part of his life not in accordance with traditional freegan ideals is the fact that he doesn’t squat, or live in an abandoned building, though he is quick to point out he doesn’t pay rent. Instead, he lives with and cares for his grandparents in Teaneck, N.J., where he also grew up. 

Eric Bakunin, 18 years old and a self-professed anarchist, had been dumpster diving on his own for almost two years before meeting Weissman at an anarchist rally. Weissman told him of the weekly dumpster tour and Bakunin came out for his first group dive.

As Gus Van Horn very accurately points out, the greatest irony of this whole story is that these freegan nutjobs would all starve to death or die from severe food poisoning were it not for the capitalist system of the US as opposed to dumpster diving in some non-capitalist “paradise” like Cameroon, or even India.

2 Responses to “Freegan Idiots”

  1. Ergo said

    I was just re-reading the NY Times article on freegans and it struck me how–in essence–these young freegans have degraded the state of man to the level of that of a rodent… a dumpster-diving rodent.

    But read the article carefully to spot so many other irrationalities: One woman describes a freegan friend as a “free spirit”–apparently implying that her practice is admirable. Further, this woman states that the only reason she would not adopt freeganism is because it is a huge “time committment.” Of course, there are no moral considerations in the issue–it’s only a matter of time; but otherwise, the practice is fully justifiable and indeed admirable.

    The freegan leader Weissman concedes that practicing freeganism consistently is an “impossible dream.” This simply corroborates Rand’s point that it is impossible to practice irrationality and altruism consistently and continue living. You will soon die. Human survival is simply by nature opposed to such practices. Insofar as people practice irrationality and altruism, they have to do it inconsistently, intermittently, and as parasites on the rationality and ability of other humans.

    And finally, I have a nagging question: With all this dumpster diving and eating from trash like roaches and rodents, when these freegan nutjobs get seriously ill and require emergency medical attention, are they going to have their cronies diving around the dumpsters of hospitals for vials and medication?? Or are they going to get back into the evil system of capitalism–go to an emergency room–to save their lives? Perhaps they should just let go and die; it would be the ultimate dedication to their cause, and for the betterment of this world. Seriously.

  2. Charlotte said

    Ugh. reminds me of a certain commie person we used to know…

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