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Bloggers Also Party

Posted by Jerry on June 12, 2007

Sakshi of “To Each Its Own” fame invited me to attend a bloggers party last saturday; she ran across my articles on Desicritics and found me interesting enough to be invited. I had made the mistake of asking Sakshi if she was a famous powerblogger, because quite honestly, I am not aware of the “who’s who” in the Indian blogging scene! Well, my naive question has been posted up on her blog for all to see. But I don’t mind it at all.   

The party was held at Seijo’s, a posh suburban nightclub, and was well attended by some famous names in the Indian blogosphere. Of course, I was not aware of any of them, nor did anybody there know of me or my blog. My audience is predominantly from outside India and my articles enjoy the interest of a very small group of readers who have a passion for ideas and philosophical discussions. Similarly, my blog-surfing habits tend to lean towards like-minded bloggers who write from rational and philosophical perspectives on various topics. This typically precludes a great chunk of Indian bloggers, whose interests mostly lie in current events from a political perspective, rants, raves, and reviews, personal narratives, or techhie topics.

Anyway, the party at Seijo’s was enjoyable and the people I was introduced to were a fascinating bunch of people. I met some lawyers who practiced corporate law in India; met some finance bigwigs, a Hindustan Times reporter, and a lovely fellow from Cleartrip.com, among others. Melody was a delight to dance and chat with–she kept insisting that she wanted to be my fag hag since her most recent “fag” had left her for the United Kingdom. I said, “honey, get in line.” 🙂

Some pictures from the night of the party are at Metroblogging Mumbai, To Each Its Own, and The Voice In My Head.

5 Responses to “Bloggers Also Party”

  1. Sakshi said

    Ah! Well atleast now you know ME. Was totally fun meeting with ya and am glad that you turned up. Though I may not fit in your list of preferred blog reads, hopefully we shall stay in touch.


  2. […] And these lot were not in any of the pics here, but made their presence felt: Bombay Addict, Vivek, Pensive Lawyer, Querida, Jigal, eM, Arjun, Rishi & Ravi. Hope I haven’t left anyone out, there were totally over 40 of us! Related posts online: Sakshi – Did We Pardy or What! Ranjan – Page3 Bombay Bloggers Party Roshan D’Silva – My first blog meet Kaushal – Mumbai Bloggers Meet Notes Pensive Lawyer – Party Time! eM – When we’re NOT wallowing, we’re actually having a pretty good time Moksh – Mumbai Bloggers Meet Saurabh – Mumbai Blogger Meet at Seijo Jerry – Bloggers Also Party […]

  3. Melody said

    I SO hate to get in lines. Sigh.

  4. Avadhut said

    So this is what you were upto the other night?

  5. Ergo said

    Yea, he he he!

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