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B as in…?

Posted by Jerry on June 4, 2007

Well, so I have a date tonight with a surprisingly interesting guy whom I spoke with on the phone for over 2 hours! Yea, that is very strange because I had practically given up all hope of having a conversation with an Indian gay man beyond the perfunctory “hello.”

But that announcement is not the reason for this post. My date for tonight happened to just call me at work and ask for my e-mail address. This is how I mentioned it to him:

J-J-D-O-U-B; that is, J-J, D as in dog, O as in orange, U as in umbrella, and B as in…. err….. bastard.

Hmmm… well. He laughed. So that wasn’t too bad. 🙂


7 Responses to “B as in…?”

  1. Luis said

    To me, b is always “b as in boy.” Wonder why…

  2. Ergo said

    Ya, you’re right. And that’s what I thought of *later*! So, even I don’t know why the first word that came to my mind when it came to “B” was… bastard. Hmmm…. I wonder what depths of psychoanalyzes this could instigate.

  3. Luis said

    Well, don’t ask Julia Kristeva. I’m reading a book about her… She’s creative, but geez!

  4. Priyank said

    A for Apple, B for Bat…. I jus dont seem to go beyond the kindergarten definitions!

  5. I saw on your earlier blog that you worked as an editor. Is this still what you do?

    Just curious; I am conducting a study on Ayn Rand enthusiasts and their professional lives.

  6. Sinus said

    It seems to me, my dear, that this post WAS about the fact that you’ve had your first date in months!! 🙂 (please dont kill me-cowering in corner)

    GASP, what if ‘he’ finds this??

  7. Ergo said

    Catholic Crusader,

    Yes, I am still an Editor.



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