Reason as the Leading Motive

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Posted by Jerry on May 31, 2007

Having only recently joined the community of bloggers at Desicritic, I am pleasantly surprised to see myself being the “featured Desicritic: Visit and honor” blogger of the day.

desi1.jpgDesicritic is a community of volunteer writers who write articles with a specific South Asian perspective. Typically, my writings do not have such a perspective. I write mostly on philosophical topics or on topics from a philosophical perspective. Nevertheless, some of my writing do focus on issues in India and on the Indian people.

I decided to join this community because it is an additional outlet for my voice, ideas, and the philosophy of Ayn Rand to be heard across the world. Remember that in my recent post How to Change the World (linked to desicritic), I specifically mentioned that change begins with ideas, and with becoming–and challenging–thought-leaders. Desicritic articles often get picked up and syndicated by the mainstream media; hence, it is a perfect avenue for me to rationally pursue my values by advocating the ideas of a world I would like to see made real.


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