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Young Glider

Posted by Jerry on May 2, 2007

In his late teenage years, Edgar was among the first few teenpilots from Chicago, having won a scholarship from the Aviation Scholarship Foundation. Here is an old picture of him beside his airplane, featured on the Foundation’s website:

Edgar Airplane

Staying on the topic of Edgar, he was also a deeply emotional man with a very playful, creative, and vivid imagination. Posted on Luis’ poetry blog, I found a few short lines that Edgar had written in Spanish, which were translated into English by Luis. I particularly love the first one:


En el rincón que me ves
llorando– alli mi vida se esconde.

Quando ya no esté
mi rincón se convertira,
poco a poco,
en Tú rincón
de lagrimas.

:: English Translation ::

The corner in which I stand,
as you watch me crying– my life
is hidden there.

When I am gone, my corner will become,
bit by bit, your corner
of tears


Si me acompañas
Seras mi Tierra
Si me dejas
Sere tu Luna

:: English Translation ::

As my companion
You are my Earth
If we’re apart
I’ll be your Moon

5 Responses to “Young Glider”

  1. Sinus said

    Vot a cutie! 🙂
    *dreaming ….of flying planes and cute boys*

  2. Charlotte said

    Aaawwww… He’s so pretty—writes pretty poetry, too.


  3. Luis said

    You wrote “a very playful, creative, and vivid imagination.”


  4. Luis said

    His imagination created realities in which he lived!

  5. Luis said

    Awww… and now I kinda miss him. Wonder where he is…

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