Reason as the Leading Motive

Ayn Rand Institute in Chicago

Posted by Jerry on April 21, 2007

On Monday, April 23, 3007: Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute will be in Chicago to give the “State of ARI” presentation. Here’s from the email I received:

The Ayn Rand Institute is now in its twenty-second year and every day brings more successes in its efforts to advance Ayn Rand’s ideas in the culture.

Executive Director Yaron Brook regularly presents the “State of ARI” at various locations across the country. These inspiring talks present ARI’s most recent accomplishments and a preview as to what we have planned for the coming year. Dr. Brook also demonstrates how all of the Institute’s programs are integrated to the goal of achieving a real, lasting cultural impact.

Attendees gain a better understanding of ARI and its programs, and the inspiration that comes from knowing that ARI’s mission can and will be achieved.

I’d like to invite you to one of these special free ARI events to be held in Chicago. Details are as follows:

When:    7:30 pm Monday, April 23, 2007

Where:  Westin Michigan Avenue
                909 N Michigan Avenue
                Chicago, IL 60611
                (312) 943-7200

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