Reason as the Leading Motive

Planet Earth, right?

Posted by Jerry on April 14, 2007

Encountering the steady pace of news reports that reveal yet another “piece of evidence” or effect of global warming, I am simply astounded at how widely–almost unanimously–the anthropogenic view has been taken for granted, as if the matter is closed and beyond any doubt.

It truly confounds me, and I wonder if people like them and people like me are even living or talking about the same planet!

For example, note what this article states–and notice even more what it fails to mention:

New York City produces nearly 1 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to a city study.

Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and other gases, essentially trap energy from the sun, which warms the Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere. Many scientists believe human activity that increases those gases is contributing to global warming.

The above quote cites carbon dioxide as the first example of a type of greenhouse gas, followed by “methane and other gases.” There is simply no mention of water vapor, which is by far the largest constituent element of greenhouse gases!

Wikipedia–the cesspool of the sloppy, the inane, and the arbitrary–gives varying numbers of the percentage of water vapor in greenhouse gases: at one place it states that water vapor constitutes upto 70% of GNG, while at another place, the figure is marked up to 90%.

Of course, Wikipedia has virtually zero credibility when to comes to documenting contentious or political issues that become so agenda-driven, to the point where arriving at truths based on facts become close to impossible–facts are obscured, distorted, contorted by all sorts of motivating agendas, and bias minds absorb self-fulfilling beliefs as “true,” thus reducing the overall chance of really knowing anything at all, and disputed articles on the Wikipedia reach a stinking stalemate with the cautionary albeit perfunctory note attached: “The accuracy of this article is disputed.”

Nonetheless, getting back to my original point, as I read these news reports and other articles on global climate change, I am simply left to wonder how can so many people get it wrong!? Can we ever know what is fact anymore? Are we even talking about the same planet here? It seems like the most straightforward kind of a question that would have the most direct and factual answer–is this huge piece of rock hotter today or not and what is driving its changes (if any) in temperature? This whole affair has reached bizarre heights of deliberate obscurantism! Can’t we just stick a thermometer and measure the temperature!? It’s a numerical reading we seek; how lost can we get?!

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