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Crossing Over in India

Posted by Jerry on April 11, 2007

Crossing the road in India

This is real, people. This is pretty much how every Indian city traffic is–humans and vehicles in constant and dangerous confrontation. Also, turn on your speakers to hear the typical noise levels in Indian cities. The video has been shot in the city of Hyderabad.


14 Responses to “Crossing Over in India”

  1. Luis said


  2. Sinus said

    Are you sure about this, gerald??
    that camera one is pretty far fetched, you reckon?

  3. Ergo said

    Sinus (lol! I luv the nickname!), I think its pretty evident that the video is not staged or doctored, that that’s indeed the way the streets are, and some guy just documented this fact using his camera. I mean, come on! Remember when I was driving and I had to keep yelling and looking out for “HUMAN BEINGS!” so that I could swerve and avoid them just in the nick of time! They just suddently happen to HOP out of NOWHERE right in front of the car, as if I were in some insane all-destruction videogame! Rememer? HUMAN BEEEINGS!!

  4. John Enright said

    Seems like a good spot for a traffic light. Yipes!

  5. Charlotte said

    Jerr, me mate, I’m not taking sides and shit, esp. since I, like you, am a victim of all the shit that happens in India and I hate it as much as you do. But seriously I think the video is thoda exaggerated. I mean its ok upto the bit where the man crosses the road in the first few secs…that is indeed how people cross and it is terrible enough as it is.

    Then we focus on the guy holding the camera… he ambles along the road in slo-mo, waits for the cars and all to come to him, and actually allows them to zoom past and dodge him precariously…any other person would’ve crossed like 3 minutes ago. Meanwhile this dude is still strolling along; he continues to do the same thing on the otherside of the divider.

    C’mon its a bloody exaggeration. I mean, fine, we’re telling the world we have sucky traffic regulation and all, and we can convince them enough by giving them the real picture! why exaggerate, no?

  6. Charlotte said

    oh and…got the new lappy yest. Its look hot and works like a dream. Can’t wait to show it off to you.

  7. Sinus said

    hehehe, yes, lover, i remember the “human beings”!!! how could i forget, considering my life was in your hands, and therefore in grave danger! blind as a bat you are…
    J: “can you see any human beings???”
    (sounds of swerving car)
    J: “GAWD”
    S: (holding on tight) *scream*

  8. Ergo said

    Sinus: LOL>HAHAHAHA!! I can’t help but LAUGH OUT LOUD right now!

    Charlotte: Yea, you’re right. I didn’t think of the exaggerated movements of the cameraman, like him walking vertically toward the traffic on the road. Well, in that sense, your point is valid. I suppose he could have just filmed himself crossing the street normally like most Indians do, i.e., with their lives in their hands! I suppose he did it for dramatic effect.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to tinker around with your NEW lappy too! Yay!

  9. Luis said

    LOL! That Sinus person and you seem to be having as good a time as I did when I was driving around in my parent’s minivan!

  10. Ergo said

    Oh gawd, luis. You and that minivan! Phew! That was something!

  11. Sinus said

    Luis: have you SAT in a car with this maniac?!??! my entire life flashed before my eyes; and then i went back for more the very next day. My heart has been weakened considerably after that experience.

  12. Ergo said

    Luis: Let me explain. Sinus has an obsessive-compulsive tendency to embellish her already-fabricated, imaginative interpretations of facts. The thing is, people here happen to drive stick shifts; and god knows how many years it had been since I even saw one! So, okay, while I was driving here, I would sorta occassionally forget to shift the gears, and wonder why the car wasn’t goin faster… and making that wierd screeching roar! lol! 🙂 Oh, and we sit on the opposite side in the car (the right-hand side). So all the switches and controls are also opposite: I’d want to turn on my turning signals and the wipers would go up instead. hehe… See!? Nothing too crazy! 🙂

  13. Sinus said

    Nothing too crazy??? speak for yourself! i had to collect my heart from my throat, where it had gotten lodged, and push it back into rightful place! how dare you justify your evening blindness of a stick shift!
    Luis: You seems to have experienced this, right?? i aint fabricating nothing!

  14. LOL!!! LOL!!!

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