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Public Moral Parks

Posted by Jerry on April 7, 2007

I did not know about this until I read the newspapers recently. Apparently, it is illegal for couples to kiss in public areas in Mumbai! In fact, the Indian moral police is so good at enforcing this dictat (while being completely inept at enforcing any legitimate laws) that PDA-starved couples are clamoring for parks and public spaces explicitly designated as “man-woman” parks, or “couples’ parks”; apparently, these designated zones will cater to the PDA needs of couples–in privacy.

Does anyone really need the absurdity of this entire situation to be highlighted?!

So, exactly who guards and monitors these public spaces to ensure that only couples (constituting, of course, only one male and one female) enter these spaces? Will they be distributing licenses to bona fide heterosexual couples? Also, what is the extent of PDA that will be permitted here, and who is going to monitor these behaviors? Could there be a possibility of an all-out public orgy?! Is someone going to make the rounds to ensure that couples keep at least some of their clothes on? (Sounds like a perfect job for a voyeur! India–the homeland of sleazy voyeurs and PDA-starved couples!)

It is absurd to discuss this matter at this superficial level. There are fundamental issues involved that hardly anyone seems to be addressing: issues about the cultural attitude towards sexuality–Indians have a positively sleazy conception of love, romantic expression, and sexuality; these attitudes need to be exposed, challenged, aggresively confronted and debunked. Indeed, the role of the police is to ensure that individual freedom of legitimate expressions (including romantic public expressions) should be protected in all public spaces at all times. And the matter of moral policing should be effectively and immediately banned from the sphere of government action–this is an illegitimate authority usurped by the government. The government has–and should have–no role in dictating the moral code of a culture. When you have the government dictating moral principles, what you essentially have is collectivized ethics based on the arbitrary whim of the prevailing majority or ruling class.

What the ban on kissing and the matter of designated parks for couples reveal to me is not an untarnished or unblemished purity of the Indian moral fabric but its utter filth and stinging stench that is blindly and desperately being guarded by the moral police and by the citizens of this country. 

5 Responses to “Public Moral Parks”

  1. Luis said

    I only read the FIRST paragraph and I started to LOL…

  2. Charlotte said

    Really, I guess it could be funny but its bloody frustrating. Parks for couples? What, are they going fit big-brother style hidden cameras for monitoring purposes?

    “The government has—and should have—no role in dictating the moral code of a culture.”

    I subscribe to it 100%, but I totally doubt the chances of it happening here—the government believes it’s its business to butt into every darn thing. Things aren’t just limited to PDA. The moral police are perpetually breathing down ours throats for every single thing. Jerr…you might remember our mutual friend (the one with the nice derrière) once telling us people are pulled up and slapped by cops for, what holding hands with their girl or something.It makes me sick.

    (Sorry…basically I wanted to say “I agree!” but I really was in a mood to whine and all.)

  3. Avadhut said

    You can scratch your balls and spit and abuse and piss in public. But you cannot kiss someone you love.

    Our “sanskriti” has truly scaled new heights!

  4. Ergo said

    Charlotte, all of our mutual friends have “a nice derriere” (how did you get that accent over “e”??), for example, Avadhut! 😉 So, I’m not sure who you’re talking about, and what did this person say?? I can’t seem to remember. ugh.

    Are you guys at work today or something? It seems strange that both you and Avs commented almost at the same time.

    And yea Avs, you illustrate with graphic examples the “new heights” or abysmal depths our sanskriti (moral character) has reached.

  5. Charlotte said

    Jerr now! we have only one friend with the “hot” derrière. The one who shares a nickname with “hot derrières.” hee hee. So this friends made that statement wrt the cops in pune specifically. It was personal experience, perhaps.

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