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Am I a Geek?

Posted by Jerry on March 25, 2007

So, it’s about 3:00am on this Saturday night/Sunday morning. I just returned from a crazy, fun night out partying at a club in downtown Mumbai. Over the course of the night at the club, I realized how thoroughly I enjoy dancing to club mixes of Bollywood songs! It’s an incredible realization; I thought back through all the years that I spent clubbing and dancing to house, trance, electronic, and other types of music, and decided that nothing quite rivalled this awesome experience of dancing to Bollywood remixes! Perhaps, this is just my euphoria speaking, and once it wears out, I may not make such a big deal out of Bollywood music afterall!

Nevertheless, the funny part is, depite my euphoria and a slight alcholic buzz, as soon as I got home and into my room, I picked up my book “Mind: A Brief Introduction” by John Searle and read through an entire chapter before I stopped myself to ask: Am I such a huge geek!? I just came back home from a party, I’m slightly buzzed, my ears are still ringing from the loud sound of the club speakers, it’s about 3:00am now, and I’m reading philosophy!?

Well, as if that wasn’t enough, I then get on this thing to blog about it! Just like a complete geek. No?


6 Responses to “Am I a Geek?”

  1. satyajit said

    Bollywood numbers are awesome fun to dance to…did you go on a bollywood night kya? it almost is transecndental 🙂

    have you read robert pirsig’s works?

  2. Luis said

    You’re way geekier than me, Ergo! Love it!

  3. Ergo said


    Nice to see you here. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you, but I’m sure we will meet again soon, perhaps at yet another movie festival (that I hope you will keep me informed about :))

    I went to Liquid Lounge, this place above Karma. It’s on Churni Road. It wasn’t particularly a Bollywood night, just that they were playing all kinds of music, but I loved it most when they played Bollywood numbers.

    No, I haven’t read ZAMM or anything else Pirsig wrote/may have written. He appears to have attained some kind of status as pop philosophizer. His Wikipedia entry (which I just checked out) has people saying generous praises for his writings. Have you read him? Your thoughts?

    Oh, and P.S.: There’s a GLBT film festival happening on April 1 at National College in Bandra. Lemme know if you’d like to come along. I’ll give you more details if you’re interested. And it’s free.

  4. Charlotte said

    Darling, it seems to me Satyajit is more (or as much) of a geek than (as) you are. Love it, though.

  5. Ergo said

    Ugh, Charl. Get your mind out of the gutter! 😉

  6. satyajit said

    Hey, Jerry. We’ll surely meet soon. And ya i’m game for the film festival, only worry being that its on April Fools day :-)gimme the details if you can

    I’ve read ZAMM and the Leela, the sequel to that. I spent a long time with each of them, mulling over, and thoroughly enjoying it.

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