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Bits and Bytes of Me

Posted by Jerry on March 13, 2007

I happened to come across this very old profile of mine–a self-descriptive essay–that I had put up many many years ago on a personals site; this must have been posted about 4-5 years ago. Today, as I read it, I realized that I hadn’t really changed much–if at all. The essence of what I had written then, still applies to me today, to the kind of person I am. But, then again, I’ll leave it to those of you who know me well and know me personally to “fill in the gaps” or correct the record. Please feel free to comment prodigiously!

Who a person is usually leaks out of them in the quietest of ways. I am well aware of that in myself… and I think I am quite perceptive of those things in others. Usually, I’m happy with what I have. I am content but I never give up my ambitions. I dream big but am also pragmatic. I look for simplicity in life, in people, and in myself. I detest contrivances. Pretentious people turn me off. Euphemistic criticisms are as worthless as lies. And so I prefer being simple, honest, and real. I have an interest in psychology, the mind and stuff like that… Philosophy is always my passion. Some of my best moments are when I am thinking about something critically. I am not a capricious person… though I love spontaneity and change. I believe they are different things, the latter is what gives life its texture.
I like flying, someday I’d like to learn how to fly an airplane. Describe me in a few words:- thinker, lover, honest, caring, simple, fun, real, sentimentalist.
About the one I’m looking for: mature, intelligent, and very open-minded… responsible… fun… honest and real… simple people who are well aware of who they are. Pretentious personalities are best for the mannequins on storefront windows. I do not want them in my life.
When I love someone, I go all the way. I love them to the fullest extent… My idea of love is not merely a relationship to get in and out of. For me, the object of my love becomes love itself – personified. Thus, what is love? Love is this man holding my hand, standing next to me. Overall, I’m someone who believes that this life is exciting and worth living.. I find this world as having so much beauty yet to be discovered and realized… I like being.. and I am looking for someone to be with… to love together, and be together.

Dancing, Live music/Music, Movies/Film, Nightclubs/Parties, Symphony/Opera, T.V./Videos/DVDs, Theater arts

I find ways of entertaining myself… if I’m looking for some passive amusement, I just turn on the TV.. I do love watching movies… my favorites are: The Hours, Frida, A Home at the End of the World, Good Will Hunting, The Trip, Memento, Days, Bad Education, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kinsey, Real, Motorcycle Diaries, Gattaca, American History X, Far From Heaven, Amadeus, The Sixth Sense, The Matrix movies, Elephant, House of Sand and Fog, Talented Mr. Ripley…

I like to cook when I get some time. Cooking is like creating a work of art that you eventually devour. It’s also cathartic (and filling). Food should have both texture as well as flavor.

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