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Overheard at the Office

Posted by Jerry on January 17, 2007

So, at work, this guy friend of mine–who, for good measure, happens to be quite hot–and I are engaged in a conversation on self-help books.

I said: “I read a book called ‘How to Read People.'”

So, gesturing at himself, he asked: “Well, what are you reading now?”

With a naughty look in my eyes, I said: “A pornographic novel.”


4 Responses to “Overheard at the Office”

  1. Luis said

    Oy vey! lol!

  2. Jason said

    LOL! Sounds like someone’s on a fishing trip… 😀

  3. Ergo said

    hehehe! 😀

    I’m glad that this friend I was talking to is so open and receptive to my naughty jabs at him… (the man is also ultra intelligent!). He’s totally straight (as far as I can tell), and so it was really fun teasing him about what I “read” when I see him! hehehehe 🙂

  4. Sinus said

    I dont reckon i’d be that convinced about his sexual preferences, ergo

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