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Blog Matters

Posted by Jerry on December 1, 2006

The internet connection at my home is still down; therefore, my posts and comments on here have been sporadic. I also regret not being able to visit my regular co-bloggers’ sites or commenting there. Trust me, this is all very frustrating.

However, all of this has made me consider the possibility of changing the layout of my blog in order that issues such as internet down-time or my absence due to travel (or whatever) can be communicated effectively. The only way of doing this–that I can think of–is have a static “homepage” that would include my latest-blog related information from which one could then navigate to other areas/posts of my blog.

I’ll see how it looks/works for a few days. If I do not like it, or if it makes navigation more difficult, I will revert back to the state in which my blog is in now.

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