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Back in Mumbai

Posted by Jerry on November 27, 2006

Thai Temple

Well, I’m back in Mumbai now, and I realize that my internet connection at home is not working. The system is down–indefinitely.

That’s mostly why I haven’t been able to blog or surf online since I returned from Thailand. I am at work now, accessing the net from here.

Thailand was an amazing cultural experience. I loved every moment of my stay in Bangkok, and was truly sad to have to leave the city on my last day there. Bangkok was far more developed and advanced technologically than I had expected or anticipated. In fact, I found it to be well beyond many American cities in its infrastructure and city planning.

Bangkok is also most famous for two things, and it does them really well: shopping and sex! The Bangkok nightlife is incredibly sleazy, and yet, simply amusing! Walking down the Patpong nightlife area, I was constantly accosted by pimps and masseurs promising me a “good time,” asking me if I wanted a “massage” or wanted to watch “ping pong” shows or “banana” shows. These men walked around with a “menu” of show titles and had little cartoons of human-like figures in various “positions.”  Even the driver of the taxi I was in tried to get me to go to a sex show or have a “full-body massage.”

Bangkok is so inexpensive: dining out, drinking, chilling at a coffee house is only about 100 to 200 Bahts. Shopping is wide and varied; it can range from the incredibly cheap bargains to pricey high-end brands. Practically every famous brand or company had their presence in Bangkok: Gucci, Hugo Boss, Pierre Cardin, Porche, Lamborghini, Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, 7 Eleven, Tesco, etc.

While there, I hung out with some great hostel roommates from Ireland, England, New Zealand, and Belgium. In fact, I happened to learn the most I have ever known about Japan from this young–26-year-old–Irish guy, who had been travelling for the last 8 months across the globe.

There was one observation that the Irish guy made that struck me: he said that through all his travels thus far, he had rarely come across American tourists in the places he visited. That peculiarity occurred to me too, actually. In Thailand, I noticed many European, Australian, and Asian tourists (judging by their accents and the languages they spoke. I heard lots of French and German on the streets). But I didn’t run into any American tourists while I was there.

Anyway. Thai people in Bangkok seemed very calm, kind, and courteous. Thai men and women carried themselves with great poise and composure. Of course, Thai food still remains one of my favorite cuisines in the world, but I also had the opportunity to try out some Mexican food while I was there; it was very similar the Mexican food I’ve had in restaurants in Chicago.

There is much to write about my experiences, because I had so many of them–unique and new experiences. Never before had I been so fully surrounded by so many Asian people, with Asian physical features, Asian sounds and smells, Asian mannerisms and gestures.

I will have to write more about my Thai trip later as and when I get the time. For now, check out the link to my pictures taken in Bangkok. Many of them are rather blurry and awkward. Taking pictures, really, wasn’t my priority while I was there. The memories and experiences that have enriched me are what I cherish most.


3 Responses to “Back in Mumbai”

  1. Innommable said

    I repeat, I’m COMPLETELY jealous.

    Oh well…

    I’m glad you had fun! I saw all the pics! You’re looking very good, too! Global warming has been nice to us for the past few days here in Chicago. I’m quite happy!

    Oh, and have I got a few things to tell you! I’ll send an email soon!

    Missing you always!

  2. Sakura said

    Jerry! Glad to see (and hear) you back at work!

    Even more glad to know you had a good time!

  3. Sukeri said

    Great post! Found another site which I must admit has come in handy while working remote: TravelMonks

    They have a pretty good dynamic map of a lot of places and things, like this one on nightlife or this one on wireless internet places.

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