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Posted by Jerry on November 14, 2006

BangkokIn about four hours, I will be onboard Thai Airways on route to Bangkok, Thailand! 🙂

I’m on my paid vacation from work, and I decided to grab this opportunity to get out of India, if only for a week. Besides, I absolutely LOVE Thai cuisine—mmmm… all the delicious curries, the satays, the spicy soups… mmmm…. and not to mention all the “sticky rice”! heehehe!

So well, needless to say, i ain’t gonna be bloggin for a week… at least. I will surely post my thoughts on how my trip goes when I get back. Maybe, I’ll post some pictures too.

Buh bye!


8 Responses to “Thailand”

  1. Tyrel said

    I am soooo jealous! Be sure to eat some “rice” for me! LOL

  2. Innommable said

    I’m TOTALLY JEALOUS, TOO! I hope you only have tons of fun!

  3. Paro said


  4. Charlotte said

    How dare you have fun!

    :):) Missing you a lot right now…

  5. Jason said

    Have fun! Hope you enjoy your much deserved break!

  6. Ergo said


    I’m in Bangkok, Thailand right now… and having TONS of fun! 🙂 This city is better than I expected, and much more advanced technologically. Love the architecture here too! 🙂 I’ll post some pics when I get back.

    bye all! 🙂

  7. Innommable said

    Good to hear!!!

  8. John Enright said

    Mmm. Thai food.

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