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Goodbye Katita

Posted by Jerry on November 2, 2006

My ex’s grandmom, Catalina, passed away yesterday (November 1, 2006). I heard of this news from an email he sent me, and from my friend who blogged it.

My ex was very close to his grandmom and she was likewise with him. Even though she didn’t speak English and I could barely understand a word or two in Spanish, we had great and lengthy conversations together: she spoke and I intermittently said “si” and “no.”

Everyone called her “Katita” affectionately. I loved her cooking, especially, red mole curry.

I don’t know how my ex and his family must be coping. For me, it’s awfully upsetting that I can’t be with them–and especially with my ex–to share these moments together.


4 Responses to “Goodbye Katita”

  1. Innommable said

    Ed and I have been commiserating together, and I have just been focusing on school, and trying to keep my mind occupied that way… In times of trouble, it’s so wonderful to have friends around. We miss you a little more right now.

  2. John Enright said

    Yes, it’s hard not to be able to be there for an event like this.

  3. Edgar said

    Thank you for your wonderful regards and emails. Yesterday at church I said a short speech and I told everyone about your lovely post and sweet memories with catita.

    Catita now rests in peace in that cold cold ground. :.(
    I have lost another great mother, sister, friend and teacher.
    I miss you tons…

  4. Ergo said

    Edgar, I can simply imagine you giving a lovely heartfelt speech. It brings a sad smile to my face. It’s very hard to put into words how I feel about not being able to be there with you and your family… and to have heard you speak.

    I miss you tons too…

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