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Atlas Shrugs in India

Posted by Jerry on October 29, 2006

It appears that the Atlases of India might be shrugging, and that they might be setting up their “Gulch” in Vancouver, Canada! I learned of this apparent “shrugging” movement while reading Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City. In it, Mehta says:

… the New Quit India Movement… is a group of some fifty Bombay luminaries: dancers, actors, diplomats, and so on, loosely coordinated by a Parsi hairdresser who is in charge of some of the city’s most famous heads, and she has invited Vinod and Anu [Bollywood producer/director and his wife] to join the exodus. They have resolved to emigrate en masse to Canada: to Vancouver. To this end, they have meetings, where they bring in experts to conduct lectures on how to get abroad and how to live there. They are all rich and can afford the 200,000 dollars it costs to get Canadian papers. The New Quit India Movement dreams of travelling in a social bubble halfway across the world, where they can recreate Malabar Hill and Pali Hill in a more salubrious environment.

O, when will Gault–or, this Parsi hairdresser–come up to my door. My shoulders are itching to shrug!

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