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Diwali at Work

Posted by Jerry on October 21, 2006

215px-diwalipuja.jpgI think today may have been one of the best days I’ve had since I arrived in India. Today, at work, we celebrated the festival of Diwali–a festival of lights, fireworks, and traditional wear.

I started the day with a very reassuring email from my friend validating our friendship and alleviating some of my apprehensions.

Then, I proceeded to celebrate the day at work with my friends and colleagues. It was lovely to see everyone at work in their traditional Indian garb: the women all looked ravishing–and several times I commented that I wish I knew how to whistle cuz I would love to whistle at my female colleagues everytime they passed by my cubicle! 😉

Even the few men that work at my office looked very good. I’ve posted some pictures from the day on the page “Diwali Pictures at Work.

For lunch, a few of us–my cubemate and friends–ordered pizza and garlic bread. I got a “Hot Mexican” Pizza (for reasons that should be clear to those who know me well). 😉

Most of the day was spent taking pictures, chatting, joking, laughing, commenting on clothes and custumes… all this till it was time for the evening snack session. The company set up an impressive buffet of Indian “chaat” snacks (see pictures). Several of us ate more than what would be ideal, given our physical fitness (or lack thereof) levels. I managed to rationalize it by reminding myself (and others) that I have started going (sporadically) to the gym these days.

Basically, it was a nice, fun day at work. Oh, and yes, we did take our occassional breaks from all the fun to also get some actual work done today. 🙂

In sum, as my friend at work would say, “today fun became!” 🙂

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