Reason as the Leading Motive


Posted by Jerry on September 27, 2006

Airplanes have always fascinated me.

I now happen to live very close to the airports of the city. Thus, practically from anywhere in my neighborhood, I can catch the awesome sight of a low-flying aircraft that has just taken off the runway. There used to be a time when I would occassionally stare at an airplane as it disappeared behind the clouds, wondering where it was headed and what were the lives of the people flying in it like. I used to mostly stare at an aircraft in awe and amazement, witnessing–each time an aircraft repelled the force of the Earth–the incredible power of the human mind that propels these heavy masses high into the skies.

Even now, I think of the same things as I watch an aircraft flying overhead. But, there is a slight difference. Another thought creeps into my head these days: “oh, take me with you; let me, too, fly away from this place.”


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