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Posted by Jerry on September 5, 2006

It might seem like I’ve given up on blogging, since I haven’t posted in quite a few days. However, quite the opposite, I have been working on a few drafts simultaneaously. There are several topics that I will discuss in the coming days on my blog:

I’m working on a post tracing out the actual implications of considering patriotism as a virtue and distinguishing it from jingoigm, nationalism, ethnocentrism, etc. (Hint: I’m at the stage of simply choosing proper words to state that patriotism is a useless concept at best, a vice at worst.)

My other post is about the gods that are worshipped in India and depicted in Indian religious art: gods with elephant heads, snakes, cows, human monkeys, a blue-skinned fellow, black lady with ten hands, etc.
I wish to draw a parallel between the effects of worshipping such imaginary creatures and its influence on the self-image of man. Eventually, my plan is to flesh out the implications of religious art in India (as typifying deformity, ugliness, farthest fantasies from reality) and the Indian psyche that is spiritually malnourished by such degrading imagery in its religion and art. Contrast that with the Christian religious icons that idealized the human form to depict god: human form that is glorious, healthy, beautiful, idealizied, etc. The influence of Christianity’s religious imagery on the self-image of the western man as being efficacious, healthy, etc. And the influence of such art on the culture as a whole. If art is the spiritual nourishment of the mind, then the Indian psyche is both malnourished and starving.

Finally, I have been wanting to comment on the book “Ayn Rand at 100,” the launch of which, I attended recently. I intend to give a moderately detailed review of the book on the whole. Suffice it to say right now, I have very little good things in mind with regard to this book.


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  1. D. Eastbrook said

    Regarding Christianity and art: its an enormous subject but I wonder if its proper to give Christianity the credit. I believe that Christian art during the pre-Renaissance era was by and large ugly and depicted deformity and suffering as the norm. (The Gargolye comes to mind.)

    It was during the Renaissance after Pagan learning had been reintroduced that art really took off and reached a level that has never been equaled since. I am hesitant to give Christianity the credit. But I admit that this is a huge subject and I don’t have near enough knowledge of it. So I definitely await your post.

    Regarding Machan’s book. Here is a link to an excellent discussion of an article by Machan over at Solo Passion. There are some great posters there (Diana, Valiant, Weiss, Perigio, etc). You would like that forum.


    Oh, and for the hell of it, here’s a post picking apart Ed Hugins latest press release. (Hudgins and Machan are two examples of the same flawed approach to Objectivism.)


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