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Incredible Talent at Work

Posted by Jerry on August 31, 2006

splash04.jpgMy colleague at work is incredibly talented; check out his amazing website, Mixed Reality.

It is evident from his site that he has an exceptional imagination, a penchant for abstractions, and an expert hand with which he captures his mental images. Apparently, the images on his website are created by him almost entirely on Photoshop (see sample images).

He is also a very creative website designer–having designed several websites for his friends and others. Maybe one of you, my gracious readers, might wish to have your own website designed by him–making use of his unique style and vision.

Disclaimer: Do not construe my recommendation of my colleague’s talent and work as also an endorsement of the ideas and philosophies he mentions on his website. I have deep reservations on those issues. Yet, I view him as an intelligent, talented, and fun person.

6 Responses to “Incredible Talent at Work”

  1. Wolfgang said

    I found that:
    Maybe it is intersting to you.

  2. Ergo said

    Yea, I read that article earlier. Frankly, it’s lacking any intellectual substance. The guy has evidently not understood the gravity of Objectivism’s axioms–in particular, the axiom of existence. Rand’s atheism is not based on some flimsy optimism in the theories of natural evolution.

    Moreover, the guy not only misrepresents Objectivism and Rand’s ideas but also Christianity itself, which he purports to defend in his article.

    I’ll just dismiss his vapid writings at that. There is no need to say more.

  3. Mark said

    I found that article online too. I was going to blog it but just couldn’t get anywhere with all the God and Jesus stuff. Very hard for me to take God-believers seriously. Case in point, utterances like…

    “Truth demands that God be the Center of our lives.”

  4. That is such a cute drawing!

  5. Mark said

    Quoth the frog:

    “You. You did this to me.”


  6. rajeev said


    Nice blog!

    Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?

    Eg: http://www.ilaaka.com




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