Reason as the Leading Motive

The Randian CEO

Posted by Jerry on August 11, 2006

As I had said in my earlier post, the book-event poster on my cubicle has attracted considerable attention at work. Today, as I was getting ready to leave for the day, the Chief Editor (pretty much the VP of the company) came by my desk and remarked about the Ayn Rand poster that I had up. She said she had read The Fountainhead and hated Ayn Rand with a passion! She recounted a typical and old criticism of Rand saying that it all seemed very idealistic, and that she was too old for such utopian fantasies. She said that it was clearly obvious to any grown-up adult that things are not always “black and white,” and Rand’s ideology is simply naive.

I simply responded that it was indeed true that many adults “grow out” of appreciating Ayn Rand; and it was quite unfortunate that many adults end up becoming such strong cynics of their existence. I also mentioned that Rand is such a unique personality that people either love her and strongly hate her; there is usually no ambivalence towards her; and this is much like her own philosophy–things are either black or white.

Then she revealed to me that the CEO of the company was a huge Ayn Rand fan! And I said, “well, yea seems like he would be, doesn’t it?!”

The CEO of my company is a very young man–say about in his early 30s–and he is certainly a brilliant and innovative entrepreneur. This company that he started from scratch is only 4 years old, but is already raking in about a million dollars (yes, I said dollars), has more than 6800 individual clients from all over the world, has more than 110 employees, occupies space in two floors of one building and has recently expanded into another location in a new building, has just launched a whole host of new products and services, and has spawned three Small Business Units (SBUs) under the current umbrella company. This company, under the chief leadership of this Ayn Rand fan, is certainly growing at a considerable pace.

Therefore, I was simply not surprised to learn that he enjoyed Rand’s books. After my Chief Editor had given me this  interesting piece of information, I sent an email to the CEO inviting him to join me at the Book launch event. Now, I’m eager to know what his response will be.

2 Responses to “The Randian CEO”

  1. John Enright said

    Cool. I had heard her influence in India was spreading.

  2. Faiyaz said

    Enjoyed reading your posts…good work. Hey, maybe you could invite the CEO to be a panelist, if he’s interested in the event…



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