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WordPress Themes

Posted by Jerry on August 6, 2006

My original selection of my blog theme has been grotesquely tinkered with, presumably, by the all-seeing Eyes of WordPress. I had a lovely “Andreas09 v.2” theme with a red color scheme. It was disfigured into looking like some scary “horror-movie” theme with BLOOD-RED letters dripping all over it.

So, with a very heavy heart, I have had to switch the theme of my blog to this “Hemingway,” which I thought was the only other comparably decent blogtheme at WordPress.

I hope the powers that be will read this and revert my original theme to its original fantastic best, so I can re-select it as my blogtheme!

 Update May 12, 2007: I’ve switched my theme back to Andreas09 v.2; however, I have selected this bluish color theme because my original red color theme still looks like it’s out of a horro movie. 😦

2 Responses to “WordPress Themes”

  1. Jason said

    Wow! Was I confused by this when I came here today!!!

    I think I like it…

    But it will take some getting used to…

    Feeling better I hope?

  2. Keymn said

    Занимаюсь дизайном и хочу попросить автора ergosum.wordpress.com отправить шаьлончик на мой мыил) Готов заплатить…

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