Reason as the Leading Motive

Send Them off to Heaven ASAP

Posted by Jerry on July 27, 2006

I cannot honestly say that Israel is the good guy, that it has always been the victim, that it has always been on the right side of things.

However, I can unequivocally say that I am all for blasting the crap out of the Lebanese government who have had 23 members of Hezbollah elected into the government and two of its members in the cabinet. These blood-thirsty terrorist should be given a blasted dose of their own terror tactics. All free nations should expedite the delivery of these animals to their respective “heavens” where they can graze along the banks of honey-flowing rivers for eternity.

Regardless of Israel’s blemishes in the past, I support her fully. I am also in full support of blasting Iran off the face of this Earth.

However, among all this wild rhetoric, I am certainly keeping in mind the plight (understated word) of the civilians in these regions who are suffering–out of ignorance, neglect, or no fault of theirs–and I have deep sympathy for them. They are stuck in this battle between the freedom and right to life of some nations and the despotic, fanatic, impositions of religious murderers. Like the beggars I see on the streets of India, I wonder, what needs to be done in order for humans to live with the dignity proper to us? Throwing a penny at the beggar is not the solution even though it might provide the beggar with some short-term gratification. A starving man needs food for life, not just for a day.

Similarly, appeasing world opinion and succumbing to a cease-fire against the terrorists might provide some short-term relief to the civilian populations of the region. But, what happens when “hunger” strikes again tomorrow? How long do we postpone the imperative duty of eradicating haters of life and freedom once and for all, and instilling such terrifying fear in potential would-be terrorists that they will never again even think of attacking the free nations? How many more 9-11’s, 3-11’s, 7-11’s do we need before we realize that short-term cease-fires and appeasements ain’t working! It’s either THEIR LIFE or OURS!

And note this: the sooner we bomb and blast the crap out of these terrorists, the sooner will the civilians of these regions be able to live in peace and freedom. Similarly, the sooner a country progresses its economy in capitalism under free markets, the sooner will the beggars come off the street and have food to eat. Throwing them morsels today will still keep them hungry tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Send Them off to Heaven ASAP”

  1. Bombing the buggers doesn’t free the civilians, it turns them into terrorists.

    We’re in very deep trouble now.

  2. Ergo said

    So what do you suggest we do (or should have done)?

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